Best baby registry welcome boxes: Here's what you get for registering

Best baby registry welcome boxes: Here's what you get for registering

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Part of the fun of starting a baby registry is the promise of a free welcome box that many - but not all retailers - offer as a "signing bonus." These boxes are a retailer's collection of odds and ends that can range from product samples to outright gifts that can help you during pregnancy and with your newborn. In this article, you’ll get a rundown of what retailers typically offer registering moms and dads for starting a baby registry.

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  • Baby registry welcome box basics

    Are they all the same?

    While it may seem at first glance that all baby registries are created equally, the truth is, they're not. First, not all registries offer free gifts upon sign-up, and, among those who do, not all gifts are created equally.

    Some are entirely free, while others require a small fee or purchase. A few of them ship your gift(s) immediately upon your completion of your registry; others take longer to show up. But ultimately, the gift-giving basics of most are fairly similar: a collection of coupons, some samples, and at least one full-sized gift.

    If you're debating between a couple – or three or four – retail outlets for a baby registry, we’ve got your incentive options covered in this overview of what the top registry retailers are offering now.

  • Target baby registry

    Great coupons, but a pain to pick up

    What they offer: Welcome Kit worth more than $80 in coupons and free samples

    How you get it: Anyone who completes a baby registry is eligible for a Welcome Kit. Once you've created your registry, visit Guest Services in person at any Target store to request yours. You may want to call ahead first, as kits are subject to availability.

    When it arrives: You can pick up the kit at your Target store as soon as you've completed your registry.

    What's inside: Inside a reusable tote bag you'll find a mix of samples and, usually, two full-sized products. Brands include Honest Company, Huggies, Dr. Brown's, Babyganics, Lansinoh, Johnson's, and more. Some samples are a mix of diapers, wipes, baby skin-care products, detergent samples, and nipple pads. Full-sized items might be a baby bottle and pacifier. However, many parents think the best part of this bag is the Target store coupon book. Unlike many other registry gifts, these are not manufacturer's coupons for specific products – they're Target coupons for pretty much anything you need. Even better, you can stack them on top of Target's other savings offers, such as Target Circle and RedCard discounts.

    Parents say: Some felt the process of going to the store to collect the bag was a bit of a hassle, but the coupon book made up for any inconvenience.

  • Walmart baby registry

    Ships free to your door

    What they offer: Baby Registry Welcome Box valued at $40

    How you get it: Once you have completed your baby registry, visit Walmart's Baby Registry Welcome Box page to request your box, which is shipped free to you.

    When it arrives: At most, it takes 4 to 6 weeks from the time you sign up until you receive your box, but many report receiving their box much sooner.

    What's inside:A mix of samples and full-sized products from brands including Zarbee's, Huggie's, MAM, Evenflo, Dreft, and Baby Dove. Full-sized samples are usually a bottle, pacifier and/or a set a milestone cards for your monthly baby photos.

    Parents say: Although the value of this box isn't as great as some of the others, it ranks as one of the more popular registry gifts because it's free, easy to request, and ships free to your home.

  • Buybuy BABY registry

    Popular option requires in-store pickup

    What they offer: Free goody bag, value not disclosed

    How you get it: After creating a registry, go to any buybuy BABY store to request your goody bag.

    When it arrives: Immediately, upon registry completion and in-store visit

    What's inside: It's hard to say for sure, as buybuy BABY doesn't offer any details about the contents, but it's a safe bet that you'll get samples, coupons, and the store's comprehensive registry guide. Expect to see samples from brands like Lansinoh, NUK, Munchkin, Aveeno, Honest Company, and Pampers. Moms report that full-sized gifts have included a travel case for baby wipes, a pacifier, and a bottle sample.

    Parents say: buybuy BABY doesn't have as many locations as Target or Walmart, so some found the trek to the store not worth the reward. If you have a store nearby, by all means stop in and grab your gift. But you may not want to go out of your way for this free gift when you can get something similar delivered to your home from other stores.

  • Amazon baby registry

    Possibly the best of the bunch

    What they offer: Free Welcome Box, valued at up to $35

    How you get it: Amazon Prime members who create a baby registry are eligible for a Welcome Box after spending (or being gifted) more than $10 worth of purchases, not including gift cards, at their registry, not including shipping or tax. Once eligible, you'll see a "Claim Now" button on the left side of your registry. Click it, and the Welcome Box will be added to your cart. Don't worry if you see a price of $35 added to your cart; it will be credited at checkout and you won't be charged.

    When it arrives: Boxes are subject to availability but should arrive within days once claimed.

    What's inside:Contents vary, but you might expect to receive a cotton swaddle blanket or onesie; a Philips Avent baby bottle and/or nursing pads; diapers and wipes from brands like Huggies, Pampers, and the Honest Company; laundry detergent samples from brands like Dreft and Seventh Generation; and baby wash and lotion from brands like Aveeno, Cetaphil, and Baby Dove, as well as coupons.

    Parents say: They love it. This has often said to be the most coveted of the baby-registry free gifts. Beyond samples, the full-sized swaddle blanket or onesie make this box different from the others. The only downside is the box inventory occasionally runs out; however, you can sign up for notification alerts when it's back in stock.

  • Babylist registry

    Almost as good as Amazon, but harder to get

    What they offer: Hello Baby Box, value not disclosed

    How you get it: When you create a Babylist registry, you must add three items from the Babylist store and three items from any other store. Once you've done that, log into your registry and click the "Hello Baby Box" button to verify your shipping address. You will have to pay a $9.99 shipping fee, but you'll receive a $10 credit to the Babylist store.

    When it arrives: Most users report receiving their box within a week.

    What's inside:Items change monthly, but look for a collection of samples and coupons. Diapers from Pampers and Huggie's, Lansinoh breast pads, a Chicco pacifier, an Evenflo bottle, Baby Bum baby wash, wipes from Honest Company and Seventh Generation, and photo cards from Milestone Baby.

    Parents say: The items in this bag are top-notch, although some don't care for the hassle it takes to qualify for the box or the fact that shipping isn't free. It's considered "almost" as good as the Amazon box, making it ideal for anyone without an Amazon Prime account.

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