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Fathers Day Suggestions

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Father's day is here. How do you plan to celebrate Father's Day, which is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday of June each year? Some plans that you can prepare with the mother-child partnership can make your father very happy this year. We thought about how we can contribute to these plans and we have prepared a list of suggestions for you. You might be interested!

But first let's have a look at how father's day came about.

Many people do not know that Father's Day also has a history. In fact, Father's Day has a 91-year history, although it is not as old as Mother's Day. But some historians say that Father's Day was celebrated even in Ancient Rome.

We have two different sources for the history of Father's Day, which is celebrated as the 3rd Sunday of June. Some researchers argue that Fathers' Day emerged in West Virginia, while not making history. These researchers say that John Dowdy, who lives in West Virginia, wants a celebration for his father, who took his place after his mother died.

Other researchers say that John Bruce Dodd in Washington in 1910 put forward this idea to give a special day to his father, William Smart, who devoted his life to his children after his mother, who died during the birth of his 6th child.

Dodd, who lost his mother at an early age, and his five siblings, raised by their father, William Jackson Smart. Realizing the difficulties of his father working on the farm and caring for six children, Dodd described the lack of father's day as a great injustice while celebrating mother's day. He immediately started to work on the announcement of the father's birthday on June 5, his father's birthday. But this work continued until May 19 of the following year.

Father's Day was celebrated for the first time on June 19, 1910 in Spokane, Washington. Since then, it has spread to other US states. But Father's Day was officially celebrated in 1924 with the support of the United States President Calvin Coolidge. In 1966, Lyndon Johnson, president of the time, issued a statement announcing that the third Sunday of June will be Father's Day each year.

Catholic commentary on Father's Day is very different from other researchers. They took this celebration religiously and commemorated the 19th of March in memory of the father of the Prophet Jesus. They give it to their father under the name of Joseph Day. In our country, Father's Day, which was accepted towards the end of the 80s, is the third Sunday of June. In June He celebrated.


- You can prepare a super breakfast for your father and let him and other members of your family start the day in a super way. Both a delightful breakfast will help you spend time together.

- You can give your father a gift by making a collage. You can create a collage of photos and articles from different magazines and newspapers that tell your father what it means to you.

- You can do a favorite activity together as a family. For example, if your father likes fishing, all family members can organize a fishing activity together and devote your day to this favorite activity.

- You can take a trip out, you can visit a place your father likes to go all together.

Some gift ideas…

-If your father is someone who loves to eat and cook, you can buy him a barbecue set or some items he can use in the kitchen. Or a fresh kitchen appliance can make him happy…

-If your father is a sports fan, you can buy him a T-shirt with the logo of the team or some other accessory. Or you can get a new soccer ball or skin paddle. Or a ticket to your team's game.

If your father is a natural man, you can buy him a pair of shoes, binoculars, pocket knives or thermos that he can use for nature walks. For a father who loves fishing, fishing gear can be a great choice. Or he may be interested in a book about the animal species he loves.

- If your father likes to hang out with repairs at home, you can buy him a tool kit.

If your father likes to follow technology closely, you can buy him an iPod or a memory card. Or a game or program that he wants to play on the computer…

-If your father likes to dress up stylishly, you can buy him a stylish tie or shirt…


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