Great push presents for new moms

Great push presents for new moms

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Giving new moms a gift after the birth of a new baby is a classic way to express love and appreciation, whether you choose a luxury, a necessity, or something sentimental. Here are some of our favorite gifts for new moms.

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  • Push present basics

    What is a push present?

    Let's be clear: The term "push present" is definitely one that needs to be retired. Push presents are traditionally given as gifts to a woman who has just given birth – that is, just "pushed" a baby out – which can be problematic and, in today's landscape, not applicable for the many different ways to grow a family.

    From family expansion through adoption and surrogacy to giving birth via c-section, welcoming a baby into a home takes a multitude of forms outside of the stereotype bound up in the idea of push presents. So while it's definitely time to say goodbye to that particular phrase, the tradition of showing love to a new mom, or simply celebrating this exciting time in her life, is timeless and lovely.

    A new-mom gift can be something practical, like a cozy robe that opens for easy skin-to-skin contact with a new baby, or a coffee maker to help parents keep going after those sleepless nights. A new-parent present could also be something more meaningful, like a special piece of jewelry to commemorate this new stage in the family's life.

    So, from practical to pretty, here are some gifts new mothers will love.

  • Kindle

    An e-reader for late-night feedings

    E-readers can be lifesavers for those middle-of-the-night rocking sessions, or for passing the time with a sleeping baby on your chest. Instead of scrolling your phone, you can catch up with the classics or indulge in a new read.

    Available at Amazon starting at $89.99

  • Native Union Dock Wireless Charger Stand

    Fast recharging when you really need it

    There's nothing worse as a new parent than settling into the rocking chair with your baby, grabbing your phone for some scrolling to keep you awake, and realizing that your phone is about to die. Make recharging – at least for your devices – super easy with this stylish wireless charging dock.

    Available at Amazon starting at $69.99

  • Hot Tools Professional 24K Gold One Step Dryer

    Fuller hair, fast and easy

    This little hair tool, which combines a hair dryer with a styling brush, is all the rage among moms because it's time-saving and, in theory, could let you do your hair one-handed. It also helps achieve a blowout look from home – or, at least, the closest you can reasonably get at a time when you simply can't afford to sneak off to the salon.

    Available at Amazon starting at $74.99

  • Coco Rose Luxe Hydration Trio

    Glamorous beauty products ease tired skin

    Even if you can't tell how tired a new mom is just from looking at her face, she may feel discouraged when she looks in the mirror, so gifts that counteract her feelings of exhaustion are a terrific idea. Rose spray and coconut products provide nourishment and hydration, two things any new mom really needs. This trio of products includes exfoliating coco rose coconut oil body polish, hydrating rose hibiscus hydrating face mist, and lip conditioner to keep lips baby-kissing soft.

    Available at Nordstrom starting at $39

  • Seagate Portable 4TB External Hard Drive

    A place to put all those baby pictures

    A new baby = 105,497 new pics daily, so an expanded hard drive to hold all of those photos is practically a necessity. This hard drive holds 4 terabytes of whatever you want it to hold, or about 8 million pictures. Just try filling that up. It works with either Windows or Mac computers, and plugs right into your computer with its included cable, no downloading of software required.

    Available at Amazon starting at $97.49

  • Chatbooks subscription

    Automatic photo books preserve memories effortlessly

    On the other hand, you and your partner may not exactly have the time to upload new photos to a hard drive. But you can make preserving memories effortless with a Chatbooks gift subscription. Each time you take 60 pictures on your phone, the Chatbooks app creates a new photo book automatically and ships it to you, and you can review, edit, or cancel any books you want.

    Available at Chatbooks starting at $10

  • Cuisinart SS-15BKS Coffee Center Maker

    A maker that does double duty

    You're doing a lot of multitasking as a new parent, so why shouldn't your coffee maker? Brew a single cup on one side when you just need a quick pick-me-up, or make a whole pot on the other side when it's been one of those nights. You can set the Cuisinart ahead of time to produce its magic brew whenever you like, too.

    Available at Amazon starting at $199.99

  • Driftaway Coffee Subscription

    Premium coffee shipped to your door

    If you're sensing a theme here, you're right: Coffee gifts are always a hit. And who knew you could get a coffee-of-the-month subscription right on Amazon? Genius. Your gift recipient first receives a tasting kit, which contains four different coffees, to suss out which one she likes best. Afterward, the $44 price includes 7 ounces of the giftee's choice of brews delivered monthly for two more months. You can also opt for 8 or 11 ounces of coffee per package, and a three-, six-, or 12-month subscription.

    Available at Amazon starting at $44

  • Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug

    Keep drinks hot until you're ready

    Picture this: You pour a cup of coffee in the kitchen, then the baby wakes up, so back to the bedroom you go. It's only when you're settled in the chair to feed your baby that it hits you: Another cup of coffee is about to go cold and get wasted. Ugh. Enter the Ember smart mug. Right from your smartphone, you can control your Ember mug and set it to the temperature you want, so your coffee stays hot for when you're ready to (finally) drink it. Say goodbye to reheated mugs in the microwave.

    Available at Amazon starting at $85.18

  • Apple AirPods Pro

    Up to 24 hours of peaceful listening

    Make it easier to listen to podcasts or audiobooks, catch up on shows, or call loved ones without disturbing the baby with Apple's amazingly high-quality AirPods, which deliver crystal clear sound for up to 4.5 hours, then can be plugged into a wireless charging case for a total listening time of up to 24 hours. Walking the floor to soothe your baby is so much easier with these puppies in.

    Available at Amazon starting at $229.95

  • Cariloha Resort Bamboo Sheets

    Bedding straight from a beachside resort

    It may be a while before you can enjoy some kid-free time at a beachside resort again, but you can bring that blissful vacation sleep home with you by choosing some luxurious bedding. Bamboo-thread sheets are twice as soft as cotton and are thermal-regulating and moisture-wicking (great for those postpartum night sweats).

    Available at Amazon starting at $239


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