How should we protect our children from the sun?

How should we protect our children from the sun?

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Unfortunately, we now know that there is no healthy tanning. Today, with the ozone layer tapered, the harmful effects of the sun outweigh. This is especially true for our children. Their sensitive, thin skin and eyes need protection from the sun. Child Health and Diseases Specialist Nilüfer Toprakçı tells the following:

Those who are exposed to the sun as a child and suffer from sunburn are more likely to develop skin cancer in the later years and the skin gets older. Cataracts in the eyes, retinal layer of the eye damage occurs. Unprotected exposure to ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun can cause skin and eye damage as well as suppression of the immune system. Therefore, we must act now knowing that the sun is not a friend but an enemy.
Some suggestions for a safe holiday as summer approaches:
Avoid the sun between 10-15 hours when the sun's rays reach the steepest. Remember that even in cloudy weather, harmful sunlight can reach us.

Dress the child in such a way that it does not sweat but protects against the sun. A white sleeved T-shirt may be appropriate. Do not remove it when swimming, if necessary. Wear a wide-brimmed hat on the head. Don't forget the sunglasses. The more light-skinned your child is, the more vulnerable it is to the sun.

Use sunscreen lotion. The lotion for the child should have a protection factor of at least 15, preferably 30, and provide protection against UV A and UV B rays. Apply the lotion half an hour before sun exposure. Once in and out of the water, refresh every 2-3 hours. When swimming, choose a water-resistant product. Use lotion to convince your child more easily and protect yourself. Make it a game. Previously, sunscreen creams and lotions were not recommended to babies under 6 months. However, even today, we recommend that even small babies use these products on skin areas where their clothing does not cover, if they are to be exposed to the sun.

Wear special protective lips. Sunburn can cause cold sores.
Now; some parents said, 'Shouldn't children take vitamins from the sun?' they may ask. In fact, in a sunny country like our country, you don't need to sunbathe on the beach for hours. In all seasons, except for closed winter days, it is sufficient for the skin to see vitamin D synthesis for 5-10 minutes per day. Also; Vitamin D is also available in drops or syrups and baby food recommended by your doctor. I mean, we have no healthy reason to tan our kids! We need to take care of their sensitive skin.

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