How do you set up your baby's sleep pattern?

How do you set up your baby's sleep pattern?

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Sleep problems are one of the most distressing issues of parents as much as nutrition. Specialist Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Class,There are many methods you can use to create a good sleep pattern in your baby. ”

Since your baby's sleep patterns show changes during the first year of life, it is useful to explain the methods of creating sleep patterns periodically. Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Class, tells the curious about the subject.

  • Newborn Period

Newborn babies go through short-term sleep and wake cycles for 24 hours. Rather than adhering to a specific timetable, babies fed as they become hungry are more regular in their sleep. Help your baby learn to console himself by encouraging him to suck on his fingers or pacifier, or by giving him a small soft object to put him to sleep.

When your baby is 1-2 months old, your baby will have a total sleep of 13-14 hours as 5-6 separate sleep periods. Sleep is more like the night. It is best to put your baby to bed after falling asleep during this period.

  • Babies 3 - 5 Months

In babies aged 3-5 months, the duration of night's sleep is increased, followed by the morning and afternoon sweets. They still wake up at night, but learn to fall asleep on their own. To prolong the night's sleep; make sure that the feeding process before sleep is a satisfactory feeding process where both your baby and you can relax and enjoy each other and your baby can get enough milk. During this period, leave your baby awake in bed so that he can learn to use self-consolation activities and self-soothe.

  • 6 Months and Later

We recommend that families provide night sleep training when their baby is 4-6 months old and weighs at least 5.5 kilos. Your baby's learning to sleep during the night is essential for healthy development. Night sleep is very important for your baby to benefit from the learning experiences he / she encounters during the day and to be active, happy and careful and must be taught to the baby. Families who are forced to sleep at night can contact experts.

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