Music is the food for the soul of the baby!

Music is the food for the soul of the baby!

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Pregnancy is the period in which the mother's emotions are most sensitive. The abundance of emotional changes in the mother, depression, anxiety disorders, extreme stress, restlessness and so on. conditions also affect the unborn baby. In short, it is not possible to think of psychological problems in the mother separately from the baby. That's where the music comes in. How Does? According to experts, listening to music, stress, anxiety and so on. reduces the impact of situations.

Benefits to the baby

Because music improves people emotionally, it always pushes people to good, right, beautiful and work. The effect on babies is undeniable. What? Here are some benefits:

• It has positive effects on baby brain development.
• It allows the baby to behave more naively rather than aggressive movements.
• Babies move according to the song. This movement has a positive effect on muscle development. Ear and tongue development is accelerated.
• Regulates the baby's heartbeat.

Well, what should he listen to? Classical music is often recommended by experts. Some say you should definitely listen to Mozart, others suggest Beethoven.

Mother's heartbeat is the best music

There are several reasons why classical music is preferred. Since the baby's ear structure in the womb does not develop too much in the uterus and the uterine wall does not pass thick sounds, it perceives treble sounds better than thick sounds. The most intense sound a baby can hear while in the womb is the sound of the heart beating 70-100 times per minute. Classical music is preferred in this respect.

However, he says that the mother's listening to his favorite music is more effective than classical music. Experts explain why: When the mother listens to her favorite music, she cleanses all negative emotions and releases the hormone of happiness. The hormone of happiness also mixes with the baby's amniotic fluid. In this way, the baby feels the happiness of the mother and becomes a partner of the mother's current feeling. ”

The sound in which the baby is intertwined is the heart sounds of the mother. So as soon as the baby is born, it's put on your mother's chest so she knows it's not far from where she's used to. Babies fall asleep, play and rest with their mother's heartbeat. The sound of the mother is also a peaceful music sounds for the baby.

Rest after birth

The baby is calmed when the baby is cried after the baby is born and listened in moments of cranking. Of course, this is not the way to play, otur let's sit down and listen to music ”or tak to wear earbuds in your ears din. For example, while your baby is playing, you can play that music in the background with a slight tone. At that moment, when you watch your baby, your baby is more quietly, unconscionable.

There is an interesting study about it. According to this study, different music plays in each department of a market. During pregnancy, the baby in the belly of the mother who constantly goes to the same department of the same market perceives that sound. After the baby is born, it is seen that the baby makes crankiness in different sections of the same market, but the baby calms down in that section.

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