What should she eat before she gets pregnant?

What should she eat before she gets pregnant?

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Why should folic acid be taken before pregnancy?

All nutrients are important for pregnancy, but folate has a special importance. Folate helps the development of the neural tube that forms your baby's spinal cord. Folate foods you will get dark green leafy vegetables, legumes, liver and oil seeds.
Why is iron deficiency seen during pregnancy? What precautions should be taken for this?
The iron that women need during pregnancy doubles. Your doctor can give iron as a supplement or you should consume iron-rich foods. Iron should focus on foods such as red meat, poultry, raisins, legumes and eggs. Try to eat vegetables and fruits that contain vitamin C, especially iron-containing foods, iron is more useful. Generally iron deficiency is common in women and deficiency may develop fatigue, fatigue and anemia.

The most worrisome issue for women before pregnancy is the weight they will gain during pregnancy. What should be the weight gain during pregnancy?

It is wrong to follow a restrictive diet to maintain your fitness during pregnancy. On the contrary, it is not appropriate to eat too much and gain more weight by saying that I am pregnant. Your baby's birth weight depends on your weight gain over the next 9 months. Bringing a low birth weight baby with a restrictive diet makes the baby's development and resistance to disease more risky than normal weight babies.

If your weight is normal, weight gain of 12-15 kg is normal. Weight gain is recommended for weight gain of 14-20 kg and for weight gain 7-10 kg for fat women. 1-2 kg during the first 3 months of pregnancy should be taken. In the following periods, weight gain should be around 0.5 kg per week. The weight gain of the mother may be below or above this weight compared to her starting weight.

What would you suggest ideal weight gain?

If your weight is increasing fast, you can reduce calories without causing any nutrient deficiency in your baby. Here are some suggestions for this:

Prefer lean or low fat instead of whole milk, yogurt and meat
Prefer fried foods instead of grilled, baked ones
Avoid sugared, oily pastries
Try to do physical activity in consultation with your doctor

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