Pregnancy should be considered

Pregnancy should be considered

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Kiss. Dr. Evrim Aksoy emphasizes the necessity of examination of pregnancy controls once a month until 32nd week, once every 15 days between 32-36th week and once a week until 36th week and 40th week. After normal pregnancy is detected, CRL measurement is performed to calculate head and butt distance. The baby who is known to have reached the 12th week of pregnancy is given a 'Down syndrome' screening test. between color doppler ultrasonography by examining the blood flow forms to the uterus may develop in the baby can predict the diseases such as weight gain and preeclampsia.In the 15th and 20th weeks, the triple screening test, which is a slightly lower diagnostic accuracy, is possible. The four-screening test was also performed in Liv Hospital Op. Dr. Aksoy said, “We always recommend double test screening. Early detection of risks is important for early intervention.. Amniocentesis is considered against the risk of anomalies in patients at risk. In addition, a new method, NIPT (noninvasive prenatal test), can be applied from 9-10 weeks. All these tests help the physician to determine trisomy13, trisomy18, trisomy21, down syndrome disorders and gender. In addition, the chorion villus biopsy applied from the 13th week of the tissue samples taken from the placenta, it is possible to detect problems early. It is recommended that the pregnant women who reach 24-26th weeks of pregnancy have a sugar loading test for the disease known as sugar or hidden sugar. In the 32nd week, the risk of preterm birth can be detected with a method called nst non stress and the mother can reach the 40th week without problems.Not like eating twice as much, eating twice as healthy Kiss. Dr. Serkan Oral proposes to make healthy eating a habit from the beginning of pregnancy. Because the baby's organ development occurs during the first few weeks of pregnancy. For this, folic acid supplementation, which starts three months before conception and continues until the 12th week is important. Consuming lots of fruits, vegetables and cereals and choosing lean protein and low-fat dairy products are the key rules. In addition, seafood is a good source of protein and iron, although Op. Dr. Oral warns that some species contain dangerous levels of mercury and may damage the baby's developing nervous system. Avoiding raw fish, shellfish such as oysters and mussels, and frozen seafood is essential during pregnancy. It is also important to wash fruits and vegetables from places such as gardens, fields, limit your consumption if you are fond of caffeine, stop drinking alcohol, stay away from smoking for nine months and even be careful not to be a passive smoker.

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