Take a vacation during pregnancy

Take a vacation during pregnancy

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Summer vacation is approaching. The mothers are already undecided about whether to go on holiday. And we're thinking about it. International Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics Specialist Op. To Tevfik Ertürk We asked.

: In which months of pregnancy is it suitable for expectant mothers?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Pregnant mothers can go on vacation if there is no risk of miscarriage and bleeding in early pregnancy and if there is no risk of preterm birth in the following months. They cannot travel by plane after the 32nd week. It is recommended that they do not go on vacation after 37 weeks.

: What are the drawbacks of going on holiday in recent months?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Birth can begin. The risk of onset of pains and the introduction of water increases.

: Which features should be paid attention to the holiday destination?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: In case of not traveling long, a break should be given every 2 hours and walking should be done more than 4 hours away.

: If you want to have a holiday abroad, what can be preferred in terms of conditions?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Travel abroad can be made by plane up to 32 weeks. However, taking into account the onset of pain should not go too far.

: What should be considered in the nutrition of expectant mothers during the holiday period?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Holiday; open food should not be preferred. Do not over-mix and make sure that milk and dairy products are fresh daily. Make sure that foods such as meat and chicken are fresh. In case of any food poisoning
hospital. Vomiting should be provoked and plenty of liquid should be taken.

: Can drinking water in the resort negatively affect mothers? What precautions should be taken for this?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Attention should be paid to drinking water. Open water should not be preferred. Sterilization should be performed if there is open water. 2-3 liters (liquid) water should be consumed on hot days.

: Can mothers on holiday exercise?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Not lasting 20min. ' Exercise does not exceed. Walking, swimming. If fatigue is felt, it should be heard.

: What should mothers be aware of when swimming? In which period is swimming inconvenient?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Not for a long time, you should swim with rest, do not get tired and always be careful not to swim in the same position.

: What should be considered during the journey?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: It is necessary to take a break in 2-3 hours on long journeys, walk between these times, travel smoothly, and not be hungry or thirsty for a long time.

: What should the prospective mothers take with them when going on holiday?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: His doctor's phone number, the hospital's emergency information phone.

: Which holiday risks for expectant mothers?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Risk of miscarriage, preterm birth risks (painful pregnancy), vomiting pregnancies, high blood pressure, diabetic pregnancies, pregnant women with heart disease, bleeding pregnant women.

: What should be considered while sunbathing?
Kiss. Tevfik Ertürk: Long-term sunstroke, sun oil should be used, plenty of liquid should be consumed.

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