Sexual life during pregnancy

Sexual life during pregnancy

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High estrogen levels increase blood flow in the genital organs and cause partial water retention in the tissues, so that vagina and small lips become tense and full-bodied, just like during sexual arousal. This makes the sensitive nerve endings more sensitive. The increase in blood flow in the genital area leads to an increase in vaginal secretions, which paves the way for sexual intercourse to take place earlier than normal.

Is sex pleasure different during pregnancy?

Pregnant women tend to enjoy sexual intercourse as much as they do not receive before the pregnancy. Sex during pregnancy is more exciting, more satisfying, even in the same session more than one orgasm is reported by pregnant women.

With the effect of early symptoms of pregnancy such as fatigue, tendency to sleep, nausea and vomiting, the interest in sexuality typically decreases in pregnant women in the first trimester. Pregnancy weeks) Although the quality of sexual pleasure increases, the restriction of movement with an enlarged abdomen, and the fear and worries mentioned above, and the inability of the pregnant women to concentrate fully on the event cause a decrease in sexual interest.

What is your suggestion for a good sexual relationship?

A good sexual intercourse enables couples to get closer to each other; pregnant, emotional, susceptible, because of the fragile temperament of the couple to be more tolerant of possible problems in solving problems, as well as the solution of the problems of the early days of parents will facilitate.

There is no reason to prevent sexual intercourse in a healthy pregnancy until delivery.

Sexual intercourse does not harm the fetus. The male genitals have no physical contact with the baby. The uterus muscles of the womb, the pregnancy sac and the sac in the liquid is protected against impacts.

Although orgasm causes oxytocin (uterine muscle constrictor) secretion and leads to uterine contractions, they do not initiate birth and do not cause premature labor.

What should be considered in sexual intercourse during pregnancy?

Nevertheless, excessive nipple stimulation during sexual intercourse during pregnancy should be avoided. Sexual intercourse is not forbidden during pregnancy or even until the last day, unless there are medical problems to prevent sexuality. Since pregnant women lack the information equipment to evaluate the conditions in which sexual intercourse can be harmful, women can get the most healthy information from obstetricians. Sexual intercourse to pregnant women is not prohibited except for the conditions stated below.

. Conditions where the gestational sac opens early and waters come early
. Vaginal bleeding
. A history of preterm birth threat in previous pregnancies or threat of preterm birth in current pregnancy
. The partner is a carrier of sexually transmitted diseases
. Placenta previa (cases where the child's partner is in front and closes the cervical canal)
. Multiple pregnancy in the last months of pregnancy
. Other conditions forbidden by your obstetrician.

What is sexual life after pregnancy? What problems can be encountered?

In a study investigating the sexual health of women after planned vaginal delivery and elective caesarean section, pain in the relationship was less than normal delivery after cesarean section. In the same study, no difference was found between women who did not begin sexual activity 7-12 weeks after birth. Also, the decrease in sexual desire and sexual intercourse was found to be the same in both groups. Sexual satisfaction is less than normal postpartum.
The number of caesarean sections required to prevent a single sexual disorder is 24.1 to prevent painful intercourse, 10.2 to prevent perineal pain, and 9.9 to prevent decreased sexual satisfaction.

What should couples do?

According to the mode of delivery, women should start postnatal exercises one week after normal vaginal delivery and two weeks after cesarean delivery during the postpartum period. During the postpartum period, sexual life is banned, and after the first check, the uterus may return to its original state. In this period, the mother's abdominal, back, calf muscles to work is important in terms of returning to the former form. Women will overcome the postpartum deformities with these exercises and then regain their femininity. Exercise of the perineum and vaginal muscles will also provide vaginal firmness during sexual intercourse and eliminate the flexibility of the tissues in the birth.

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