Preparations for bringing your newborn home

Preparations for bringing your newborn home

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Mothers who return home from hospital with their baby in their arms are often excited and somewhat insecure. While they were in the hospital, there was someone they could consult on everything, and the nurses took care of the baby. What about now? Are you worried when there are no experienced people to answer your questions? Believe me, all of this is irrelevant, because the motive of motherhood never lets you do anything wrong!

You need time

You do not have to immediately invite your friends, relatives and business community to see your baby when you return home after birth. Because in this period, you and your baby, you should spend plenty of time to get used to each other. Do not try to maintain the old order in the house anymore. Leave some time to work. Just do the necessary household chores.

Breastfeeding and changing the baby are more strenuous than you might think. Now you have to do all your programs according to the baby's layout. When the baby sleeps. You can spend time reading a book, listening to music, watching movies, doing sports or sleeping. If your baby allows it!

First bathroom

Have your baby first bath after the umbilical wound heals. Just wash it once a week. Take care to dry your baby thoroughly after the bath. You don't have to cream her after every bath. Your baby's skin may become red in the first weeks after birth. Do not forget that it is very natural and do not apply ointment to the skin. Because ointments can damage her sensitive skin. You can massage her with a few drops of baby care oil.

When you nappy your baby…

Today, ready-made diapers made under advanced conditions make mothers' job much easier. With these ready-made diapers, mothers save more time and do not have to constantly wash diapers.

The baby's diaper rises about 6,000 times until the baby learns how to tell the toilet. The diapers of newborns should be changed frequently every day to prevent irritants from the urine from damaging the baby's butt. Many babies need toilets right after breastfeeding. Therefore, it is more logical to change the baby's diaper after breastfeeding. Contaminated clothing of babies creates a very suitable environment for germ growth. To avoid this, do not accumulate soiled laundry. If possible, try to wash immediately.

Breastfeeding your baby…

You should start breastfeeding as soon as your baby is born. Mothers who give birth normally should breastfeed their babies before they leave the birth table. Those who deliver by caesarean section should breastfeed their babies with the help of their spouses, mothers or a friend. The sooner your baby starts suckling on your breast, the sooner your milk comes in and becomes plentiful. The stimulations your baby makes to your chest while sucking, reach your brain through nerves. This makes your brain secrete hormones that make milk.

You should take care to sit upright while breastfeeding your baby. After choosing the most comfortable position for breastfeeding, you should turn your baby's head and body to the same axis. Your baby should have his head up, body and feet down. Make eye contact while breastfeeding and talk to him in a soft tone. Do not breastfeed your baby while lying on your back. You should also give the mouth not only the nipple, but also the nipple. Because breastfeeding with only the nipple, the baby can not get enough milk and the nipple is cracked and damaged in a short time. Do not use carbonated water as recommended by your mother to clean your breast. It is enough to clean your breasts with soapy cloth several times a day. In addition, at the end of each breastfeeding squeezing your breasts, a small amount of milk, nipple and around the chest to soften your chest.

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