Listen to these recommendations for “producing more milk”

Listen to these recommendations for “producing more milk”

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The concept of Rahat comfortable breastfeeding an put forward by Lisa Marasco is gaining importance with the increase in early and cesarean deliveries in our country as in the whole world. Therefore El Bebek Gül Bebek Marasco recently came to Turkey at the invitation of the Association, mothers, told the intricacies of breastfeeding and the tricks of successful breastfeeding. As If the baby makes too much noise, it's not good, göster says Marasco. Also, the fact that the breasts are huge does not indicate that the mother's milk is abundant. ”

Mint and cigarette reduces milk

Marasco and other expert speakers gave the following interesting information at the conference, explaining that sometimes the babies do not grasp the breast well due to problems caused by hidden crevices or tongue roots ligaments on their palates, and this situation is lost among the voices of çıkart cuk cuk ılan.

• Eating too much mint, peppermint tea and smoking reduces milk.
• If the mother has an obesity problem since her youth, this affects milk production negatively.
• Extremely stressful periods, vacuum or spoon (forceps) delivery, emergency cesarean section adversely affect breastfeeding.
• Excessive edema causes milk to be secreted from breasts. In edematous mothers, milk is delayed for 2-3 days and as edema decreases, milk increases. It is recommended that mothers eat cucumbers, watermelons and cabbage to remove edema.
• Too many cysts in the ovary of the mother increases the rate of testers. In this case, milk can come after 2-3 weeks. The way to get rid of cysts is birth.
• Sometimes the placenta sticks to the uterine muscles, is thrown late and can cause too much bleeding. If the placenta remains inside, milk production may be affected.
• If the mother gave birth to her previous baby by cesarean section, she is over 35 years of age, if there is multiple pregnancy, milk production is delayed.
• Some medications used in flu reduce the production of milk, the prolactin, the hormone.
• It is not true that if I drink too much water, my milk will be abundant. Excess water drinking does not mean that much milk will be produced. Breastfeeding mother should drink as thirsty.
• If the baby is unable to suck because of a tongue tie problem, cutting the tie will help the baby get the mother's milk better. However, this bond must be cut by an expert.
• Breastfeeding mothers should be checked. If there is more than 3 fingers between two breasts, this is a risk factor because it may be indicative of an anatomical disorder.
• Expansion of vessels in the breast during pregnancy should be seen. Milk may not come from the vascular breast.
• Too much breast cracks may reduce breastfeeding time.

Breastfeeding support is given to many mothers in our country through Baby Friendly Hospital projects and the works of El Bebek Gül Bebek Association. Nevertheless, some breastfeeding problems are tried to be solved by some rhetoric. Solutions to problems require the use of experience and scientific approaches.

Breastfeeding in supine position is healthier

In the event, which was realized with the support of El Bebek Gül Bebek Association, Marasco explained the methods of breastfeeding to mothers in a non-oppressive manner and explained the positive results of breastfeeding in a supine position, not in a sitting position. Laying the baby on his stomach, breastfeeding in the vertical position is extremely comfortable for the mother, the mother holding the baby with one hand, the other hand can remain idle and the baby's mother's sensual contact is more easier for the baby to grasp the breast, he said. In this way, the mother spend less energy, tirelessly breastfeeding her baby, he added.

Long breastfeeding protects the baby from unreasonable cradle deaths and the mother from breast cancer!

Speaking at the event KLİNİLK newborn and pediatric specialist. Gülnihal Şarman, on the other hand, said:
“Long-term studies show that infants who have been breastfed for a long time are less ill. Disease protection becomes more apparent as the duration of breastfeeding is extended. Babies are getting lighter when they have the disease. Not only during breastfeeding, but also prevent the disease of the baby in later life.

How does it protect during early years? Breast milk is very effective in protecting against respiratory diseases. In respiratory diseases, hospitalization decreases by 72% in infants receiving only breast milk for 4 months, and the course of RSV bronchiolitis is 70% better; If breastfeeding has passed 6 months, the risk of pneumonia is 4 times lower. Middle ear infection 50% less than those who only get breast milk for more than 3 months! Diarrhea decreases by 63% in infants breastfed.
One-on-one protection from unreasonable cradle deaths. Breastfed babies are better protected, regardless of how they are anesthetized. Breastfeeding in the world for the first 6 months with only breast milk, 6 months to continue until the age of 1 year can save the lives of 1 million babies. 13% of child deaths worldwide can thus be reduced.
Breast milk - Allergy relationship: Feeding only breast milk during the first 4 months protects against allergies by 27%; especially if the family has allergies, the protection effect increases to 42%
Preventing celiac disease: Celiac disease is prevented if the baby receives only breast milk while introducing wheat foods. The most protective effect in recent years is celiac disease.
Protective against obesity: Sometimes we observe that sucking babies gain more weight. Would that be obese? He asks his question. Breastfeeding reduces the risk of obesity by 4% every month. Breastfeeding brother in the adult life than the brother did not take an average 7 kilos weaker!
Protects both types of diabetes: Type 1 diabetes is seen 30% and Type 2 diabetes is 40% less common.
Less cancers of children such as leukemia and lymphoma: Acute leukemia is seen 20% less in children who suckle their mother for more than 6 months. In order to reduce our risk of cancer, we must make use of new generations of breast milk.
Teachers in schools are more satisfied: Teachers' assessment and intelligence tests are much better in children who have been breastfed for more than 3 months.

It can help you during breastfeeding: //www.e- / single-gogus-pompasi-p-byp-s04 /

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