About Ayşe Tolga and motherhood: They call Can Yael 'Little Ayşe'!

About Ayşe Tolga and motherhood: They call Can Yael 'Little Ayşe'!

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You all know Ayşe Tolga, but you all know that she is not just a player. In addition to being a very good mother to her daughter Can Yael, she is also very successful in terms of aromatherapist and business woman.

Interview: Müge Serçek Biroğlu
Photo: Tuna Yılmaz

What activities does the Association of Parents Without Borders Association have?

We were founded to help needy children and mothers. Over time, we families, families began to find us. women's education in Turkey, we are organizing projects related to employment and legal rights. We are also interested in child health and education. I think it would be more beneficial to do something in the long run than to do things by organizing charity nights.

You have a very active life. How do you find the balance between work and home?

I set up a private study in my house. I can do a lot of my work at home. Other than that, I do not have great difficulty because the places I have to go are also very close. Can Yael goes to the playgroup five days a week and stays home around 1 o'clock. I have a lot of time until he gets home and I do a lot of things. Then we play games with Can Yael, we spend time together. It's very important to spend quality with him.

How would you define motherhood?

After becoming a mother, you start to feel responsible for all people and become more conscientious. Because you understand better that every human being is a son. So you become more compassionate and compassionate. I was already a compassionate person, but my feelings increased after I became a mother. I don't find motherhood any more difficult, much more enjoyable.

Well, did motherhood change you?

I became more responsible. We never had the idea to leave our child and go somewhere for a few days. My wife and I are very happy to be with Can Yael and to do something together.

Can Yael looks a lot like you…

Yes, everyone likens me very much, they call Can Yael “Little Ayse..

What kind of boy is he?

He's a very soft-hearted and very social child. She is currently suffering from a two-year-old syndrome, but still has a very extroverted structure and is a very easy child. When Can Yael tells me something, I pay special attention to him. I never try to fix it when you say something wrong.

How was your pregnancy?

My pregnancy was very comfortable, I was already ready. There wasn't a situation where I could complain too much.

So, how was the birth?

I had a normal birth, it was a little hard.

Have you had a puerperium?

I did, but I realized later. There is a bit of sensuality and bumpy feelings. I was also very concerned especially. But over time.

So far the most challenging thing happened to you again?

Probably forced me to sleep the most.

Did you attend childbirth preparation courses while pregnant?

I went and saw a lot of benefits. I also did yoga during this time and it worked very well. I recommend pregnant women to squat after 7 months.

Did you do sports?

Yes, I did sport with my sports teacher until the month when I ate. Then I quit.

How did you lose your birth weight?

I gained 18 kilos during my pregnancy. After the birth, I couldn't give it away immediately. It took 7-8 months for me to lose all my weight.

As an aromatherapist, what would you recommend to pregnant women and women who have just given birth?

I organize mother and baby classes every month. I suggest that they attend these trainings. I recommend that you follow In the seminars, I teach that many things from rash to host can be overcome by natural methods.
You have a cat and a dog in your house. Usually when the baby is born, the animals are sent from home…
We got home but we didn't have such a situation either. We were lucky to have a house with a garden. My child is intertwined with animals. It is very important to be able to take the compassion and responsibility of another creature. Pets are definitely not toys. So please don't buy toys from your pet shop, as if your child buys toys from the store.

How is Can Yael dealing with animals?

She loves them, caresses them. They're very good with them already. I think that animal love is very necessary for us to raise loving individuals.

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