Transition from bottle to glass

Transition from bottle to glass

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Dr. Ing One of the reasons for the concern is when and how to get used to the glass. In order for babies to be able to eat healthily, after the 6th month, depending on the use of additional food, they should move away from the bottle and gradually get used to the use of glasses. If this habit is not achieved when it should be, there may be problems. Feeding habits longer than necessary should lead to negative improvements in the baby's tooth development and feeding habits. ”

Right time matters
Stating that passing from bottle to glass at the right time and understanding and patient approach of parents is of great importance. Seringeç adds: “Every baby can go from bottle to glass in a different period. This situation has a direct relation to the baby's personality structure as well as the attitude and behavior of the mother and father to the baby. Babies with developing brain and other organs may have difficulty in coping with this without the help of their parents. For this reason, the baby needs to hold the glass and support the elders in order to overcome this task. During this period, without rushing, the mother and father to try to ensure that the baby accustomed to the glass is a must. Making small trials by putting water in the mouth can help the baby to adapt more easily than other drinks. If it is noticed that it has not swallowed, it is useful to continue patiently and periodically. The fact that the glass will attract the attention of the baby may also make the process of feeding the bottle from bottle to glass a more enjoyable situation for the baby. ”

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