Painless normal birth by suggestion method

Painless normal birth by suggestion method

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One of the most important wishes of mothers is to give birth without pain. However, both the birth stories of the pregnant women and their fears of approaching birth can often make birth a nightmare for expectant mothers. However, birth is a very normal and natural process that should not be feared. painless childbirth with indoctrination in Turkey (HypnoBirthing) trainer, one of three experts with diplomas and those applications that perform Obstetrics and Gynecology specialist Op Shifa Hospital in Kadıköy. Dr. Dilek Öztürk Cengiz answers the most important questions about HypnoBirthing through painless birth.

What is suggestion?

Suggested concentration and physical relaxation naturally occur; It is a physical and mental state in which we transfer new information and suggestions to our subconscious.
Our subconscious mind affects the region of our brain where our thoughts, emotions and decision-making abilities are present. Our brain is influenced by our subconscious mind, which governs what we think, how we feel, and what to decide. Pain can also be controlled by using this form of action. No special skills are required for success in self-suggestion technique. Anyone who wants and wishes can achieve full physical relaxation and a high concentration.
What is HypnoBirthing and what will you gain?

What you will experience at birth with HypnoBirthing is like daydreaming while awake, diving into the realm of dreams, and engulfing the events in the book while not feeling the disturbing factors around you. While you feel good, you will still be able to respond to those around you and take control of your experiences. You will not feel the pain of labor and you can adjust the severity yourself. You will live in a calm and peaceful environment away from fear and tension that causes pain to increase and cause your birth. Your body will release endorphins with natural anesthetic effects instead of stress hormones that cause pain. When the moment of birth comes you'll be a relaxed and calm mother helping her baby awake and involved.
What will you experience with the inspiration and breathing technique?

• Fear - Tension - Pain syndrome does not occur before, during and after birth.
• Little or no chemical painkillers are needed, so that the mother and the baby are more alert.
• Birth time is shortening.
• Provides the energy, wakefulness and freshness necessary for the actual birth as pain is prevented due to pain.
• Hyperventilation, which is harmful to the baby, may occur as a result of short and frequent breathing. Thus, the baby's heart rate is not a problem due to lack of oxygen.
• The relationship between mother, baby and birth partner is strengthened.
• Postpartum recovery period is shorter and recovery is faster.
• Birth turns into a natural, beautiful, calm and celebrated action, as predicted by nature.
• Birth partner can participate in birth.

What will you learn with HypnoBirthing?

• Feeling safe instead of tension as a result of fear,
• Relaxation and self-hypnosis technique to help you relax,
• Being able to secrete endorphin hormone which is a natural pain reliever,
• False belief that normal birth should be painful,
• How women in other cultures can give birth naturally with little or no pain,
• Relaxation techniques to be performed during pains,
• The importance of the relationship between the spouse and the mother before and after the birth.

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