Latest advices in baby nutrition

Latest advices in baby nutrition

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Review your allergy informationExperts peanuts, peanut butter, fish, eggs, such as allergic foods should not be fed in the first year thinks. But the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) research in 2008, "4-6 months of infants to eat these foods to protect them from allergies," says no evidence. AAP pediatrician Frank Greer says, of course, you should wait in some cases: irse If your baby has an allergic reaction, such as eczema, keep food away from it and ask your doctor when you can eat it. Bebek The choice is of course up to you. Don't worry if feeding your little baby is annoying you, you're not alone. Even some experts agree with you. Olarak As a mother, I don't give allergies to my own child in the first year, diyet says dietician Christine Gerbstadt.Don't be afraid of spiceWe avoid using spices when preparing food for our children. However, it is only a myth that children should eat spicy food. Since everything you eat already passes into your milk, your baby eats whatever you eat. So why not sweeten boiled potatoes or chicken with red pepper and parsley? Your baby's reaction may surprise you. Er There is no evidence that spicy foods are damaging the baby. In addition, the degree of spices involved in the meal is entirely related to culture. ” If adults try to interfere with you in spices, remind them that in other countries of the world, children grow up with more spices. Just remember, it's not true, you know!Homemade baby foodPreparing baby food at home is as easy as crushing a banana with a fork. It shouldn't be hard to boil the beans and crush them with garlic, add steamed vegetables and mash them. If you do not have time to prepare special food for the baby, do not worry, you can eat it from the healthy food you eat yourself. Sometimes all you need is a blender. If your only remedy is to use ready-made food available outside, be sure to check the labels before you buy them. Many dietitians say that the less food in the jar, the better.Did you say organic?Diyet They are confused when it comes to organic food, because there is no definite conclusion that they are healthier than normal food, Amerikalı says American dietitian Jodi Greebel. Feeding your baby with organic food is more about the budget. Dr. According to Greebel, meat and dairy products are the most important in organic foods. For example, when your baby is ready (from one year of age) you can feed him with organic milk. “The important thing is to be able to give your baby a wide variety of healthy foods. So it doesn't matter if it's organic or not. Choose according to your budget. Consume during the season. ”Enhance the sense of tasteBeing a parent means repeating many things, right? You should routinely so that your child gets used to it. Even if this is the case, it is better to go outside the rule. You can improve your child's sense of taste by changing your menu. Jodi Greebel: çalış Try to feed your child every color of vegetables and fruits. Because each color group contains different vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in itself. ”

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