Should I avoid orange juice when I'm breastfeeding?

Should I avoid orange juice when I'm breastfeeding?

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No. Although acidic foods and beverages like orange juice have been blamed for making nursing babies fussy or gassy, the evidence doesn't support that.

Likewise, eating gas-inducing foods like cabbage won't give your breastfeeding baby gas. In fact, there are very few foods to avoid while breastfeeding, aside from high-mercury fish.

As part of a diet for a healthy breastfeeding mom, though, you're better off eating oranges and increasing your water intake than drinking orange juice. Whole fruits offer more fiber and nutrients – without the extra sugar that juice contains – and water will help keep you hydrated, which is extra important when you're breastfeeding.

If you like an occasional glass of orange juice, opt for a variety that's fortified with calcium and vitamin D.

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