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Last year, success was secretly stuck with you. Next year you will begin to get the physical consequences of this development. Your horizons expanded; you are more confident and generally more happy. This happiness will lead you to live a good life and increase your well-being.
You deserve beautiful developments in your business life. That's a good thing, because if you weren't working for it, you might have to deal with the jealousy and evil of those around you. Your hard work keeps them away from you.

In 2006, finance and career issues will play an important role in your life and you will be very successful in these areas. On the other hand, there will be no significant change in your love life.
Home and family issues have been an important issue for years, and in 2006 öyle

But while this is a very stressful issue for you in the past, everything is easier this year. Your health is normal. You will be able to handle the issues you have in mind about appearance, wishes, financial situation and health until 23 June. Children, entertainment and creativity will come up after 23 June.

Major changes in your life will occur in your career or in your relationship with your family. Now let's look at the developments that await you next year in detail:

Home and family
Home and family matters will cover a significant part of your life throughout the year. Unexpected and rapidly changing emotions will be your focus. These emotional fluctuations can be personal or experienced among family members. These feelings may appear abruptly and brutally; you can come to the point of breaking ties with your family. Scorpions, who have childbearing years, have a high chance of pregnancy this year. You may experience unexpected pregnancies.

You can purchase art supplies or sports equipment to make your home more cheerful. If you intend to go through radical changes in your home, the best time period for this is June 3 to July 21. If you intend to decorate your home or buy new furniture, it may be a good time from March 5th to April 6th, August 2nd and September 6th.

Love and social life
Socially this year is not one of your best years. But that doesn't mean you won't have a social or love life; these issues will not just be the focus of your life. Married Scorpions will continue to marry, single Scorpions will remain single. Most scorpions are satisfied with their current situation and will not make any effort to change it. The gap that emerges in this field can often be regarded as heralding good news.

Your love relationships that start in this period will not be serious, they will generally develop as 'entertainment'. This type of relationship will come across this year and will excite you. This type of unstable-unstable relationship has always been in your life, but it will be more this year. None of them has the potential to turn into long-term relationships.

Even though 2006 is a relatively d stagnant yıl year in terms of entertainment, there are no times when your social life will revive and you will be very happy. These dates are: 20 April - 20 May, 29 May - 24 June and 24 October - 17 November.

Finance and career
Over the next year, your focus will be on finance and your career. You can make important progress on these issues, but there may be situations where you will have to face them. 2006 seems to be a year of prosperity for you, not just a year, but as the beginning of a long term.

Financially strong people will continue to support you. With the development of your financial situation you will begin to enter different environments; people's attitude towards you will also change. Your outlook will be as effective as your skills in achieving this position. You can have expensive items, such as clothes, jewelry, accessories ...

You will travel more in 2006 than in previous years. Your self-confidence has reached its highest point and there will be opportunities for you in business. You can only complain about one thing at work; it may be that your boss is pushing you too much. isfrom.

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