Those who want to have children should eat well!

Those who want to have children should eat well!

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It is a known fact that other harmful habits such as smoking, excessive caffeine intake and so on are damaging the reproductive system. Eurofertil Reproductive Health Center Medical Director Hakan Özörnek, “What we eat, what kind of eating habits we have, and how much harmful habits we have, may prevent us from having a child one day.” He warns couples who want a baby.

If you want to have a baby, you should keep in mind that you should be careful when determining your habits. Dr. Hakan Özörnek emphasizes that çift couples who want to have children should stay away from foods such as cigarettes, alcohol, tea, artificial sweeteners and coffee ”. Nik According to the researches, nicotine in cigarettes causes an increase in genetic abnormalities in the ovaries. Parallel to this situation, early menopause can also be seen. Women who smoke are less likely to conceive than non-smokers, and have a higher risk of miscarriage. Alcohol is a serious threat to both men and women. While alcohol reduces sperm motility and number in men, it is clear that women who use alcohol 1-5 times a week have a lower conception rate than women who do not. ”

Don't Take Excess Caffeine
Dr. One of the subjects that Hakan Özörnek emphasizes is caffeine intake. Stating that caffeine intake decreases the chances of pregnancy in women, Özörnek says that caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage in pregnancy and affects the birth weight of babies negatively. Therefore, women planning pregnancy should keep caffeine intake to a minimum and reduce daily tea and coffee consumption.

Attention to Herbal Medicines!
There is another issue that is of interest to women: Herbal medicine use. Eurofertil medical director Özörnek says that medicines obtained from herbs are widely used today and the main ones are drugs containing Ginko biloba and Echinacea purpura and they underline that these drugs affect egg and sperm functions negatively. In this respect, if you are a woman planning pregnancy, you should stop using these drugs.

Don't Neglect Folic Acid
As well as paying attention to the health of the foods we drink daily, the ways in which we will strengthen our body while preparing for pregnancy is also an important issue. In this regard, Dr. The sample suggests that folic acid vitamin should be taken before pregnancy. According to Özörnek's statements, studies show that folic acid intake 45 days before conception reduces the risk of neural tube defect in the fetus, which is characterized by faulty development of the spine, in particular. Therefore, women planning pregnancy should take 400 micrograms of folic acid per day. Green leafy vegetables, nuts, almonds and legumes in the intensive form of FOLIC ACID, a very important vitamin for healthy pregnancy. Folic acid is also available on the market as a multivitamin formula or just folic acid.

Pregnant women to benefit from the sun for bone development and calcium-enriched yogurt, milk, nuts, legumes, green leafy vegetables, dried fruits are among the recommended nutrients.

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