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Recommendations for left-handed children

Recommendations for left-handed children

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Picasso, Einstein, Goethe, Fidel Castro, Julia Roberts, Tom Cruise… This list goes on. In addition to being known by all of us, the names listed here have one thing in common. He too left-handed there are. Yes, this week's topic is to be left-handed!

According to the researches, 10% of the world population is left-handed. It may seem unlikely, but your child may be a lefty. How to behave against him, Mom dad If you're wondering what's right and what's wrong about it, you're in the right place, read the rest of the article buy

When can you tell if the child is left-handed?

Actually, there's no exact time recipe for that. Researchers, memiş under the age of a child who is constantly sucking his left thumb or constantly left side it may be an indication that it lies in turning, but it KNOWS TO BE ”. Many studies have revealed that it is not clear which hand will dominate until children reach the age of 3-4. But it is possible to make a possible prediction by paying attention to some of your child's behavior. These behaviors can be listed as…

- When you pass something to your child which manually note that

Observe which hand he often uses when eating, brushing his teeth and combing his hair

-While mixing anything counterclockwise left-handed high probability

-It is likely to be left-handed if you rotate anything counterclockwise

-If you prefer to stand on your left foot when you want to stand on one foot, you are likely to be left-handed.

-When putting on your pants, it is highly likely to be left-handed if you prefer to place your right foot in your trousers and get support on your left foot.

*** The hand that your child throws or catches the ball does not always help to understand the direction of the hand he will use. Because these movements are the work of the dominant hand and the dominant eye, and a very sudden reaction is given, so it is difficult to decide the direction of the dominant hand through the observation.

In her book, handwriting expert Clinton Hackney lists three different activities you can do with your children to understand hand dominance:

-You can let your child play with the hand puppet, the hand it uses to play the puppet can be the dominant hand

-You can give your child a key and a lock to see which hand he does the locking job, the hand he uses may be the dominant hand.

-You can ask him to flash something by giving him a small hammer (please take all the precautions for safety), the hammer he uses may be the dominant hand

As a result of these activities, if you are observing ambidextrous (ie, the ability to use your left hand as comfortable as your right hand), Hackney recommends that you direct your child to use the right hand in his book Çocuklar Left-Handed Children in the World of Right-Handers ”. The final decision is yours!


If your child becomes left-handed…

According to experts, the left-handed child should definitely not be forced to use his right hand, otherwise it is emphasized by various studies that this pressure creates a serious learning disability problem on the child. Therefore, you should never force your child to do this!

Specialist Laura Milsom, who has conducted various studies on the subject, emphasizes that children who start using the left curve should be supported, so that the materials that the child can use (such as scissors suitable for left-handed use) should be provided to him. And he gives the following suggestions to families…

- If you are a right-handed person, you should come across your child and show him how to tie his shoes, with this activity you will have the same effect and your child will see you as if you are watching yourself in the mirror.

-your child if you are doing certain activities, such as cooking together or doing some household chores, do not forget to put the material on the left side of your child's use during these activities.

- When you see that your child cannot cut something with scissors, make sure that the development of the child is suitable for the hand instead of thinking that it is problematic.

You can observe the difficulty of using computer mouse for your child using computer, you can buy products designed for left-handers

-In particular of your child left handed play dough so you can help improve hand muscles

August 13, World Lefters Day!

Yes, you heard wrong, August 13 is considered World Left-Handed Day. You can also celebrate today and show your child that you support him. For more information, visit In a message I read on this site that I liked very much, a mother commented:

Ağustos August 13 is very important to us, the whole family is trying to do something with our left hand that day, and the purpose of doing this is to show our left-handed child how special he is and how important he is to us. ”

You can apply similar things and make your child feel special. Say what?

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