Prepare for birth with yoga

Prepare for birth with yoga

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Yoga is the new trend of the last days eki Did you know that you can do yoga during pregnancy? Which is very common abroad, "yoga in pregnancy" application no longer exists in Turkey. You feel well physically, mentally and spiritually during and after pregnancy; if you want to have a comfortable birth Dr. Yoga Instructor Ersin Saran from Hakan Eraltan Health and Acupuncture Centerlisten to what he says.

: What is the purpose of pregnant gymnastics and yoga?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly Yoga is a way of life that we can use all our lives. It's not just exercises that perform certain body movements. Since it is a philosophy of life, we always need yoga. When we are children, adults, pregnancy, which is one of the conditions of adulthood, before birth, after, in menopause, in our old age. Therefore, it is very important for pregnancy. Exercise allows the mother to relax in psychological and physiological terms, allowing the mother to evaluate this event as a natural wonder. The most important goal in pregnant gymnastics and yoga exercises is to prepare the body in a healthy way by taking into consideration the physiological and psychological changes that occur in the mother during pregnancy.

: Is yoga and exercises a study to be applied only to mothers who will give birth normally?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly It can be assumed that yoga and exercises are aimed at “normal birth” in the first place. However, the exercises; Whether it is normal birth or caesarean section, it aims to prepare for any type of birth. Because the goal is not limited to a few hours of birth; pregnancy, birth and postnatal processes.

: What are the benefits during pregnancy and childbirth?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly Relaxation exercises have benefits both during pregnancy and delivery. It increases the blood flow to the placenta during pregnancy, so that the mother's and the baby's oxygen needs will be met in a healthy way during pregnancy. In addition, with gymnastic movements and yoga exercises, the mother can consciously strengthen the required muscles and provide the necessary energy and be prepared much better physiologically and psychologically. Reduces labor pains in a way that is not underestimated. Moreover, it serves beauty as well as health. It regulates the blood circulation, nourishes the skin, improves posture, teaches you to recognize your body, ensures that you reach your old weight quickly and healthily after birth, and thus lifts fear and provides self-confidence. During this period, the mother becomes more psychologically relaxed with yoga; He feels the integrity of body, soul and mind in his own inner structure, and is delighted to share perfect harmony, balance, calmness and peace with his unborn baby.

: Is yoga in pregnancy different from yoga?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly Some of the parts of yoga practiced by non-pregnant people become inapplicable by the shape of the body during pregnancy. Therefore, pregnant yoga is a completely different technique. I studied in Romania. I participated in studies on pregnant yoga in India. Yoga is performed as a separate exercise in pregnancy. There are a number of differences. These differences, especially the pelvic (groin) to run the area, hold the breath, studies about releasing the body to stimulate the muscles intended to empty. A special exercise program enables the mother to conduct studies for specific muscle groups. Abdominal muscles, waist muscles, legs and thighs, pelvis (groin area), back, neck, shoulder and head are among these muscle groups.

: When should I start practicing yoga during pregnancy?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly Yoga can be started from 2 to 2,5 months. However, I prefer to get doctor's approval. However, nausea at the beginning of pregnancy, etc. such problems should have passed. In addition, the person must have understood her pregnancy psychologically. Once these conditions are fulfilled, yoga is OK. Group work is more useful. But if one-man exercises are preferred, yoga is done.

: Where is pregnant yoga applied?
Dr. Contact Hakan directly Turkey is the only institution that implements the pregnant yoga here. Pregnant yoga can not be applied everywhere. Health and hygiene conditions must be met. Pregnant Yoga Hakan Eraltan's Health and Acupuncture Center. It is very important to apply it under a medical roof. It is more appropriate to do this in a center where the doctor is also involved. It's quiet and safe.

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