What is varicocele?

What is varicocele?

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Due to a common but false belief in society, the first thing that comes to mind for couples who cannot have babies is women's physiology. However, “varicocele olan, one of the most important causes of male infertility, casts a shadow on many men's dreams of becoming a father. Memorial Atasehir Hospital Urology Department Uz. Dr. More professionals named Egemen Avcıgave information about ik varicocele and its treatment en which is considered as the fearful dream of men.

Many men are not aware of the disease

Varicocele is the disease of dilation of the vessels that collect the dirty blood in the egg. This disease, which occurs in one out of every ten males, can cause the eggs to remain small if they occur during puberty. Varicocele can be detected in one out of four men who have no children and therefore apply to a doctor. In order to produce healthy sperm, the testes must be in bags called “scrotum leşmiş which are located outside the body. Thus, they are not affected by body temperature. Testicular heat is thought to increase in varicocele disease. In addition, some harmful substances in the veins (collecting vein) may impair sperm quality. It is mostly seen on the left side but can be seen on both sides.

For correct diagnosis and treatment…

Diagnosis is made by physical examination of urologist. If the patient is very overweight, the testis is above and the scrotum is underdeveloped or there is a suspicion in physical examination, a film called Scrotal doppler (USG) is taken. Varicocele disease can also cause egg pain. The treatment to be applied to the patient is determined according to the complaint of the applicant and the result of the tests to be performed. If the patient is in adolescence and the testis with varicocele remains smaller than the other, surgery is recommended.

Listen to your doctor's recommendations

Varicocele patients presenting with pain are advised to wear panties that exceed the testis, to use painkillers and not to stand for long periods of time. However, if the complaints do not resolve and the pain persists, surgery may be performed. Varicocele surgery is often performed in men who do not have children.

Postoperative sperm quality increases by 70%

It is recommended that the patient have at least two “spermiograms öncesi performed before the operation to prove the deterioration in sperm quality. If a defect in sperm structure is detected, hormonal or genetic disease is not considered to the patient is recommended operation. The increase in sperm quality after operation is around 60-70%. The reflection of this to pregnancy varies between 40-50% according to various publications. There are studies suggesting that the surgery increases the likelihood of having a child chance by assisted reproductive technique in patients who cannot conceive naturally. In conclusion, varicocele disease is an easy diagnosis and treatment in men. Patients with pain in the testis, who want to have children, and those who notice a contraction in the testis (physical, sexual, social and psychosocial transition between childhood and adulthood) should be referred to a urologist.

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