What can I do if I think there are too many kids in my child's preschool class?

What can I do if I think there are too many kids in my child's preschool class?

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Most early-childhood educators believe that younger children do best in classes with fewer than 15 students. The smaller the class, the more individualized the instruction, and often, the better students perform. However, many schools in urban areas must place children in a larger class.

If you are concerned that your child's classroom is too crowded, try to arrange to spend some time in the room so you can get a first-hand look at how the day unfolds. Many teachers work well with a large class, and you may see that your child is getting plenty of attention.

If, however, you think your child is being lost in the shuffle:

  • Ask the teacher if you can volunteer in the classroom for special projects or when she needs extra help.
  • Talk to the teacher about the possibility of organizing a team of parents who volunteer to help out in the classroom regularly.
  • Approach the school administration about the feasibility of hiring either a new teacher or classroom aides. Aides are less expensive to hire than new teachers and can make a big difference in the classroom.

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