Schedule your baby before it's too late

Schedule your baby before it's too late

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If you want your baby to have a certain diet and sleep, you need to keep your hands on it quickly. Because as babies grow, their habits become permanent. So, which is the best time to get your baby used to order? In this article ıda

Your baby entering the bathroom with his toys is never bathed without his toys. Your child who does not sleep before the night light turns on wants to stay on. So why do they behave like that? There is a very simple explanation for this. Many babies gain routine habits at a very young age. Scientists who do research on this subject, babies are more fond of order in the first 6 months and angry reaction to change explains. In this period, the baby's events in the small world, accustomed and expected to live, increases his enjoyment. Some experts argue that changes in babies' meals or sleep times make them uneasy. Moving from here, it is stated that babies who sleep and wake up regularly at the same hours are more careful and much more interested in their environment, and even cry less.

They gain habit in infancy

Routine habits acquired in daily life are much more limited in newborns. Therefore, it is quite wrong to expect your newborn baby to eat at certain times. The newborns need a certain amount of time to get used to the world they are foreign to. For this reason, it is very important that you pay attention to 3 basic rules in the first periods. Here are these criteria:

• Be sure to feed your baby 'only' when it needs it. Otherwise, you will not be able to create a specific food order for your baby.

• Schedule your baby's feeding schedule as far as possible. For example, ensure that the feeding time and environment are constantly the same. Also start the game after the baby is fed.

• Prefer a quiet environment while feeding your baby at night. Helping your baby learn the difference between day and night can shorten this programming process.

You must establish the order

From the first to third months of life, babies acquire routine habits in their daily lives. That is why you should establish order for your baby during this period. Every cry of the newborn doesn't mean he's hungry. Because young babies do not only need to be fed, but also need proximity, play or attention. And if these needs are not met, they want to eat constantly to suppress them.

Points to be considered

If you want your baby to have a certain order, you should pay attention to:

• If your baby has started to cry after a while, even if you have a full stomach, investigate the reason why your baby will cry instead of giving it back.

• You need to prepare a specific program within your daily tempo. After this preparation, try to carry out all activities with your baby without interrupting the order.

• Especially young children adopt the behavior they see in their families very quickly. Even the deterioration of the order they are accustomed to can lead to loss of control in their small world. For this reason, you need to create programs that can only continue and fit your family life, especially if this scheme is suitable for your child's age.

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