What you wonder about babies born with sick heart

What you wonder about babies born with sick heart

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Congenital heart disease occurs in 8 of every 1000 children born. Every year 15,000 congenital heart anomaly considering the birth rate in Turkey is seen that the child was born. The only treatment of this condition that worries many parents is surgery. 90 percent of the child is recovered as a result of surgery. Ac─▒badem Hospital, Head of Vascular Surgery Department Dr. Contact Tayyar directly We met with.

: Causes Congenital Heart Disease?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Congenital heart disease is a rare disease. And in most of them the cause of the disease is unknown. It is not right for parents to think that they have a misdemeanor when the child is born with a heart anomaly. Certain drugs used during pregnancy, alcohol, drugs, x-ray exposure, consanguineous marriage, maternal diabetes, a number of genetic deformations may increase the risk of heart failure in the baby. In addition, if there is a congenital anomaly in another sibling in the family, the chance of being seen in other siblings increases 200 times.

: What is the incidence of these diseases in Turkey?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Congenital heart disease is detected in 8 of every 1000 children born. the birth rate in congenital heart anomalies around 15,000 children are born each year we take into account in Turkey. This figure is very high. Considering that this number is accumulated every year, we can say that there are approximately 500,000 children with heart disease in our country.

: What kind of heart anomalies are seen?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Heart anomalies in children have a wide variety of structures. Abnormalities in the heart valves, inverse outflow from the heart or the vessels entering the heart, anomalies related to the coronary vessels supplying the heart, anomalies related to the main arteries originating from the heart, and anomalies with many of them are seen. Hundreds of such congenital heart anomalies are encountered.

: How is heart disease diagnosed in children?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Diagnosis of severe congenital heart diseases is usually made during infancy. These babies show signs of severe illness as soon as they are born. Some heart defects can only be diagnosed during childhood. In a group of diseases, signs and symptoms may not appear until puberty. If there is a suspicion that a child has a heart problem, the child should be evaluated by a pediatric cardiologist. After taking the medical history of the child, the pediatric cardiologist performs the necessary x-ray, electrocardiography and blood tests.

: What are the points that families should pay attention to?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Because the anomalies are different, the symptoms are also different. But if we collect these symptoms under two main groups, a group of children will have bruising. In another group, symptoms such as breathing and difficulty breathing are frequently seen due to heart failure. They also have other side symptoms. Symptoms such as frequent exposure to lung infections, growth retardation and feeding difficulties may also be added. In such a case it is necessary to go to a pediatric cardiologist. In addition, expectant mothers should have fetal echocaryography during pregnancy.

: Could you give us information about fetal echocardiography?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly It is a test that can be applied starting from the 16th week of pregnancy and does not harm the baby and the mother, and it is used to examine the structure and functions of the heart and vessels of the baby in the womb. With this examination, it is determined whether there is a heart anomaly in the prenatal baby.

: How is it treated?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly Treatment is based on the child's condition. Some children need to be operated as soon as they are born, while some children need to be operated after a certain age. Again, depending on the patient's condition, when an open or closed heart surgery is performed, sometimes an auxiliary heart surgery is required first.

: What is the success rate in surgery?
Professor Dr. Contact Tayyar directly The success rate in these surgeries is very high. After open heart surgery, the child becomes a normal child. More than 90 percent of children born with congenital heart anomaly recover their health. This figure is the same as the world figures. We as a country have a world-class success rate. Parents are rightly in a state of great panic when confronted with this type of heart condition. However, we see that these patients are completely healthy. Therefore, I recommend that parents turn to treatment without panic.

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