Pregnancy Stomach Bloat And Fight With Gas

Pregnancy Stomach Bloat And Fight With Gas

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Pregnancy is one of the most special and enjoyable periods in a woman's life. nausea and bowel problems If not, it will be even more beautiful. Some women experience nausea and constipation so intensely that pregnancy is no longer a pleasure for them. With our guide to deal with stomach and intestinal problems we have prepared for you, you will enjoy only the pregnancy period!

In the midst of all the pleasant feelings about your pregnancy, you may also experience periodic nausea. Although nausea and vomiting are more common in the morning, they can occur during the day or at night. Some women experience this problem from time to time, while others do not, and others do it several times a day. What causes this condition that usually resolves spontaneously after the third month?
This nausea is generally believed to be due to pregnancy hormone. Your lifestyle may also have an impact on the severity of this problem. Women who are not sufficiently rested and under stress may experience such attacks more often.

How to Relieve Nausea

● Get out of bed slowly. Remember that sudden departures can cause dizziness.

● If you eat a few crackers, plain corn or dry cereal before getting out of bed, you can handle morning sickness more easily.

● Ventilate your kitchen well and remove any odors from the kitchen. Pregnant women are often sensitive to odor.

● Avoid fatty foods such as butter, margarine, mayonnaise, meats with sauce, fries.

● Eat easy-to-digest foods such as whole wheat toast, crackers, boiled potatoes, rice, pasta or fruit.

● Eat small things often. The small foods you eat during the day will keep the blood sugar level constant and prevent your stomach from being empty.

● Try consuming cold food. Since they are cold, they do not smell too much and are easy to swallow.

● If you vomit frequently, drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration. If you vomit more than 2 times a day, contact your doctor.

● Exercise. This will reduce your stress and morning fatigue.

Fighting constipation, the most common bowel problem

Your growing baby and your expanding uterus begin to put pressure on your intestines, causing your digestive system to slow down. In addition, hormonal changes also relax your muscles and broaden your bowel. This relaxation causes a slowdown in digestion. As a result, constipation or in your stomach gas trapping It is seen. The best way to deal with this is to increase the consumption of fibrous foods and to take more fluids. What else can you do? Here are some suggestions:

    ● Try to eat plenty of fiber cereal for breakfast and increase the amount each day.
    ● Eat a few prunes or a handful of raisins.
    ● Drink 8 glasses of liquid per day.
    ● As your constipation passes, you will see that the gas in your stomach is gone. Avoid beans, broccoli, cabbage onions and fried foods in this process

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