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Iz We are like you, by +1 +1 ”

Iz We are like you, by +1 +1 ”

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What is Down Syndrome?Genes in human structure consist of chromosomes. Down Syndrome; It is a genetic difference that occurs when there are +1 chromosomes in the 21st chromosome pair. As a result of this difference; people have a unique body and face structure, but at the same time there is a lack of mental understanding in these people.How is Down Syndrome diagnosed?Down syndrome is a genetic difference. It can be diagnosed by routine tests and ultrasound during pregnancy. Amniocentesis test is required to be sure.Why is my child with Down's syndrome?Although bad habits such as smoking, alcohol, drugs and radiation exposure are listed, none of these substances have been proven to be the definitive cause of Down Syndrome. However; It is determined that the age of the mother is one of the biggest factors.What should be considered when raising children with Down Syndrome?Infants of children with Down Syndrome can progress like any baby. Just; they will learn skills such as walking, holding their head and making sentences in a little longer time. Undisputed; we all love our children and want to spend as much time with them as possible. But it is very important that the parents of children with Down Syndrome are caring, loving and positive. To improve your child's quality of life and to help you, you can review our recommendations below.Recommendation:* It will help your child to start early, to learn early and to be successful. * As parents, we advise you to get education about this. Your education will make life easier for your child from birth. they talk. It will be beneficial to engage in language support activities and language therapy in the early stages. As a family, we are aware of Down Syndrome not only once a year but every day and we are with parents to guide them!Prepared: Contact özlem directly

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