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Even though I prepared quickly while I was lingering with the slide, breakfast, recovery time again, the time passes by 10 u This tour goes a bit according to my taste. My father tells me the pedals turn around at 8 in the morning when I'm not. They can't afford to wake me up in the morning. That's why they have to drive in the heat. In fact, my father tells me that they used to make small candies at the time I used to sleep at noon.

Today we will enter Switzerland. Our destination is Basel. Since I am going to see the cows that are the source of the chocolates I have eaten, we would like to see this place since my mother watched the TV de Fasnacht festival years ago and made a note on our wall pan to go ”. I say we want it because I was in my mother's belly back then.

We drive again along the river. Today, unlike before, we meet a few Turkish families by the river. Looks like we're leaving a lot of astonishment behind our little chat. Even the expats who are accustomed to the bicycle culture here are surprised to see us.

Everyone understands my father, it's normal for him to take a bike tour. They think he can.
They're surprised at my mom, and she's doing both a bike ride and a woman. How come they don't have to think why they haven't happened?
They don't want to believe me. If I'm in my trailer, they're leaning over. They say ”Allah Allah”. “We can't take care of the child at home, how do you look at the road”.
As Alminya and Einstein, one of the world's greatest scholars, say, "prejudices are more difficult to break down than disintegrate the atom."

"Oh, Tibet, do not cold" does not say no farewell behind us. In fact, my father gave up explaining that there is no such thing as cold and most of the diseases are caused by viruses and bacteria. He doesn't add that Eskimo children are more sick when they come to town. In fact, since my parents are teachers, I get more sick because of the germs that ours bring from the crowded environments when the schools are open. Outdoors is very healthy and happy throughout this trip.

When I woke up from my lunch sleep, I came across a red (in my opinion, blue) car with a mix of grocery carts - toy cars. We went to the supermarket for shopping. Receptors immediately landed in the stomach under a tree in the garden of the market.

I met jellybeans today. Our folks lost a front in the battle to keep me away from chocolate and sugar. But I already eat enough grapes, apricots, figs and love them very much.
I even eat goat horn and I love it. What a beautiful jelly bean.

Since I'm going through a 2-year-old crisis, ours had to re-plan the fiction-punishment used in my education. They've been talking about it for a few days when I'm restless.

They seem to have decided to use a small amount of sugar as something new that I have never met before and that I will love. I fully support these decisions. Hihi.

At the Swiss border, Uncle Police is pointing out that we can drive further away from the cars. We'il be in Switzerland in a few meters. My father is giving way to my mother. That's my mother who gets into Basel first. Although it's loaded with front trunk, I can see my mother holding both hands up. Long live the chocolate homeland.

We're looking for my aunt Hagar and tell him we're approaching. Basel welcomes us with a heavy rain. I'm getting on the trailer right now. Ours are not interested to be driven. They're taking refuge in a building's nook. Even in this rain we see those who ride bicycles. Besides, this place is not in a flat city. Bravo to them.

“Go back” Gps finds us Aunt Hacer's house. The barbecue in the yard is already prepared. Grill one of the most things we miss from our Turkey. Both of my grandparents make good barbecues. We are having a nice feast with my aunt Hagar's neighbors. Dad sometimes takes over the barbecue himself. Maybe I'm going to sleep so late for the first time in my life today. I'm down there with them because they can't let me up, and I sleep there too, but the neighbor's dog “worried or doesn't leave me alone. He keeps licking my hand. I'm giving him plenty of chips. Then Endi, his brother, my father, and I go under the same blanket so I don't get cold. I keep kneading the worry. He's such a docile dog that maybe I hurt him and he doesn't sound.

I don't know when I fell asleep, when I went upstairs. The last thing I remember, when Endi was licking my hand, my father was licking what was in the barbecue.

“Ipet Cina”

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