How to solve strabismus problem in children?

How to solve strabismus problem in children?

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The biggest problem of strabismus, which is perceived as an aesthetic defect, is that it causes lazy eye in time. Acıbadem Eye Health Center Ophthalmology Specialist Op. Dr. Contact Esra directly Ği As soon as eye laziness is suspected that can be permanent if no early diagnosis is made, the child needs to be taken to an ophthalmologist without waiting for a certain age! ”

Normally, both eyes always see the same object at the same time. In the case of eye shift, one eye is looking straight and the other is inward, outward, upward or downward. This problem, which usually occurs in one eye, can sometimes affect both eyes. As a result of this; eye fatigue, headache, double vision, blurred vision and reading difficulties. The most important feature of eye slippage is that it causes lazy eye if treatment is not required. Ophthalmologist Specialist Op. Dr. Esra Üçbaşaran pointed out that if the early diagnosis is not made, the laziness of the eye becomes permanent.

Don't scare the lying strabismus

Some babies' eyes usually look as if they do not look parallel. The reason for this is the large nasal root of babies. Another reason is the presence of a skin layer on the nose called the epicanthus in the eyes. For these reasons, the baby's eyes may look as if there is strabismus. When the child starts to grow, the nose grows parallel, the skin folds stretch and the face becomes normal. As a result, the state of false strabismus disappears spontaneously. However, some children continue to develop an eye shift. Therefore, if an eye doctor can distinguish whether the eye is real or not, the baby must undergo an eye examination.

Usually emerges 3 - 4 years old

Eye shift is usually congenital. However, it appears in the age of growth. Ophthalmologist Specialist Op. Dr. Esra Üçbaşaran points out that a variety of factors lie beneath the developing eye shift. See what he says: mevcut There are 6 muscles that control the movement of each eye. These muscles move the eye to the right, left, up and down. In order for the eyes to stay parallel and focus on a certain point, the muscles must work in coordination. If one or more of the muscles fail to function, this balance is disrupted and an eye shift occurs. In addition, in cases of congenital cataract, the eye gradually loses its visual function. As a result of this, the blind eye starts to search inward or outward. ”In general, the eye shift occurs in the age of growth, ie at the age of 3-4 years. Myopic and hyperopia are the underlying causes of eye shifts in children of developmental age. In high hyperopia, inward myopia shifts outward. Hereditary transmission from the family, head trauma and febrile diseases are other factors that cause eye slippage.

Solutions for eye laziness

What kind of method is followed in the problem of lazy eye? Kiss. Dr. Esra Üçbaşaran answers the question as follows: “The healthy eye is covered with a bandage to strengthen the vision in the lazy eye. Eye laziness also uses glasses and exercises. ”With eye laziness, it may not be noticed by the child. Because one eye can see. However, by examining the eyes one by one occurs. Early initiation of treatment is of great importance in terms of preventing lazy eye and providing three-dimensional vision. Therefore, every child suspected of strabismus should be taken to an ophthalmologist without waiting for a certain age. Kiss. Dr. Esra Üçbaşaran points out that even if there is no problem, every child's eyes should be examined by an eye doctor as soon as they are born and when they are 3 years old. When the problem is diagnosed early, vision loss treatment is applied and thus no eye shift occurs. It is recommended that these examinations should continue at certain periods from the school age until the age of 18. These routine examinations become more important for the child's eye health, especially if there are people who have lazy eye problems or who wear glasses in the family. Nowadays, the treatment of slipping depends on the underlying cause. For example, when myopia problems are applied to the eye eye treatment becomes parallel. What if the child keeps slipping after removing the glasses? Kiss. Dr. Esra Üçbaşaran answered our question: orsa If the child's eye becomes parallel again when she wears glasses, it is not necessary to resort to the surgical method. The child needs to be given the habit of wearing glasses. If the eye continues to slip in or out despite the glasses, the child is being followed for a while. If the problem persists in this process, it is necessary to benefit from surgery as well as glasses treatment.

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