Protect your children from home accidents!

Protect your children from home accidents!

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The vast majority of children face accidents because they want to imitate their elders, are constantly on the move and try to learn by exploring the environment. Some of them have some accidents due to a careless, sudden movement. The most common home accidents in children are; television falls, drug / chemical poisoning, boiling water spills, electric shock and falls from windows / balconies / stairs.A number of simple measures can be taken to prevent domestic accidents. These; to keep glass and balcony doors closed at all times, to secure them with a safety lock, to fix heavy household appliances such as televisions, to remove medicines and chemicals usually used in house cleaning, to turn off electrical outlets, to cook food in the rear eyes and to hold the handles of pans such as pans inward. can be sorted as. It is also important to warn children about home accidents in order to raise children's awareness.First aid in home accidentsA number of minor home accidents can intervene at home. However, these apply to simple burns and cuts. In case of bleeding, severe burns or electric shock, seek professional assistance and call an ambulance • Do not touch, touch or peel the skin. Cool under cold water for only 15 minutes. If a more severe burn is present, keep an ice wrapped in a towel in the child's burn zone and consult your nearest health care provider • In cuts, cover the wound with a clean cloth and apply pressure to the palm of your hand for at least 5 minutes. Wash the wound with antiseptic solution or clean water. Do not use cotton for wound cleaning or closure. In case of heavy bleeding, go to the health facility by applying pressure instead of the cut. • In the event of an electric shock, first disconnect the power from the fuse. Pull the child aside by pressing on a thick wooden or stack of newspapers and using a wooden stick and call an ambulance immediately • Do not induce vomiting in case of chemical poisoning. During vomiting, toxic substances can harm the child again by filling the child's throat through the lungs. Take the child to the nearest health facility for treatment: • At the same time, get support immediately by calling an ambulance in case of falling from a ladder, balcony and window, or a large object such as a television.

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