Night crying may be caused by allergic eczema

Night crying may be caused by allergic eczema

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Stating that a poor quality sleep will slow down child development. Dr. Alfalfa Tabak, especially allergic asthma is one of the most affecting diseases in children's sleep patterns, he says. Plate; Allergic asthma, cough attacks and inability to breathe attacks against nighttime, the most common causes of sleep deterioration, he says. Asthma - Nasal Congestion - Sleep Apnea SyndromeGenerally, asthma, accompanied by allergic flu. Dr. Alfalfa Tabak, asthma and allergic flu congestion is also seen with frequent. He also underlines that breathing pauses called sleep apnea syndrome are seen in children who are deprived of oxygen at night due to nasal obstruction.Night crying may be caused by allergic eczemaAllergic eczema is the second most common disease in children that disrupts sleep at night. This disease, especially at night due to exacerbated itch attacks, disturbing the sleep order of children who expressed Prof.. Dr. Clover Plate; babies cry for no reason at night should be kept in mind, he says.

Remove from allergy-causing sourceEmphasizing the importance of a regular night's sleep Yonca Tabak, children must necessarily be provided with an environment where they can sleep quality sleep. In cases where it is not enough to stay away from the substance, it is necessary to emphasize the need to suppress the complaints with allergy drugs. Dr. Yonca Tabak, “If we think that the radical solution of allergic diseases in the long term is to acclimate the body to the allergen, it will be the most appropriate approach to start this practice with sublingual drop vaccine treatment in appropriate patients without delay. " says.

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