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Scoop hurts self-confidence

Scoop hurts self-confidence

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Apart from having a sense of hearing, one of the most important complementary organs of facial aesthetics is the most common aesthetic disorder in the ear; It is known as “scoop ear” or kulak sail ear arasında.

A buccal ear structure, which is a deformity from the family, is defined as the inability of the ear folds due to the weakness of the ear cartilages, and consequently the ear is angled forward and sideways.

Especially in school years, children can be ridiculed because of the bucket ears. Kiss. Dr. Coşkun Şanverdi, These jokes, which were made for the purpose of entertaining at school age, have a negative impact on one's life. People who cannot survive the psychological trauma experienced in this period also take their breath in aesthetic centers. With the development of technology, even imperfections that are very difficult to correct can be eliminated.

Uygun Preschool Period ”Best Time

The development of the auricle until the age of 5-6 is completed. From this age onwards, children enter into social life as well as start school. Although there is no health problem in the ear, aesthetic defects can make the person extremely unhappy. Children with scoop-ear problems are psychologically affected by their friends making jokes about their ears in the new environment they enter. This problem can seriously affect the success and social relations of the children and cause them to become unhappy individuals in the years to come.

Scoop Ear Operation How?

Scoop ear correction can be performed in 1 hour with general anesthesia in children and with local anesthesia in adults. An incision is made behind the ear, the cartilage is sutured by providing a curl on the cartilage that will narrow the angle and bring it back to normal. In addition, the ear cartilage is fixed to the membrane of the skull behind the ear to prevent the angle from re-opening. The incision is sewn and the ear is molded with a special dressing. The patient can take a bath by opening the bandages on the 1st day. The patient is allowed to harden at the new angle of the cartilage by wearing the tennis band for 15 days. Edema and bruises in the ear resolve within 1 week. The patient can return to normal life on the 3rd day. There is no visible scar and the results are very good in experienced hands.

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