Is chemotherapy applied to pregnant women?

Is chemotherapy applied to pregnant women?

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Natural shield: PLASENTAMost women undergoing chemotherapy are worried that chemotherapy will adversely affect her baby and even choose to terminate her pregnancy. However, cancer patients who have left behind the first three months of their pregnancy do not have to resort to termination of pregnancy or postponing chemotherapy. Placenta, chemotherapy in mothers receiving a safe barrier to prevent the drug to the fetus.Neolife Medical Center Medical Oncologist Assoc. Dr. Duygu Derin says that the first three months of pregnancy are the months in which the baby's organs develop, so chemotherapy cannot be applied in these months. However, the 14th week of chemotherapy applied to the fetus is 1.3 percent of the risk of developing anomalies in the fetus, and this rate is equal to the risk of anomalous development in the fetus that is not exposed to chemotherapy. Dr. Duygu Derin bazı In some types of cancer seen during pregnancy, you can have a healthy baby and at the same time treat cancer with chemotherapy. In pregnancy, cancer treatment is the priority of the mother's life. Usually in the first 3-4 months of pregnancy cancers detected in pregnancy is terminated to treat the cancer is the way to go. Last 7-8. cancers detected in the first few months after the birth is performed by waiting for a short period of treatment. In the case of cancers identified in 5-7 months, the time to start cancer treatment is decided together with the mother and father. ”He says. The second most common cancer is a breast cancer in 2000 pregnant women. The third is ovarian cancer. Blood cancer and large bowel cancer are common cancers in pregnancy. Especially in the beginning of pregnancy, it is very important to search for the findings of the common cancers and perform the necessary tests. Assoc. Dr. Duygu Derin v Vaginal smear should be taken at the beginning of each pregnancy and bleeding during pregnancy should be examined for cervical cancer. During pregnancy examination, breasts should also be checked. IyPsychological support is as important as treatmentPsychologist Elçin Şayan from Neolife Medical CenterKanser Adding cancer to the pregnancy process, which has led to many changes, is a very challenging life experience, or he says. a disease that causes uncertainties and concerns on its own in the diagnosis stage and has side effects that may affect the quality of life in the treatment stage. Because of its connotation of death, it pushes one's thoughts on life and death; life, death and birth is a very unusual experience in the concept of thinking. Can you breastfeed the baby? How will you take care of her? Kaygı instead of asking questions that raise anxiety, reduce the hopes of the mother and highlight the negativity, suggest that the mother create an environment where she can express her thoughts, feelings, worries, fears and hopes. She recommends giving speeches to strengthen the hope and motivation of the expectant mother.Neolife Medical Center Medical Oncologist Assoc. Dr. View Duygu's Full Profile

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