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You can understand the reason your baby cries!

You can understand the reason your baby cries!

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Crying is the only help the baby knows. Surely there's a reason. It's up to you to find them. On the one hand while looking for the cause of crankiness on the other hand you need to relax and comfort the baby. In a calming voice, say, ama I don't know what's wrong, but I'll find it and take care of it mesela. To make it easier for you, we tried to guide you through what your baby might be trying to tell you.Cabbage babyBecause of the tendency of the mother and father to dress excessively, the baby becomes hot and sweaty. However, it is not the outside cold that makes the patient is too hot inside. Dress yourself as many coats you dress. Put your hand on your stomach or back to see if it is enough and measure your body temperature. Because the baby's cheeks and feet are usually cold, even if they are arbitrary, and cannot give you the right information.Tension in the airBaby, "How do you forget to pay your credit card!" Tension or shouting causes the baby to become cranky. Your occasional argument with your partner is very normal, especially when you are looking at a newborn baby. However, if you try to express your feelings calmly, you create a harmonious, calming environment. Leave more heated fights after the baby is asleep.Stomach and digestionIt may be gas, constipation, milk sensitivity or allergy, which can lead to cramps when feeding with food, and may cause reflux of food from the stomach to the esophagus. First try to burp more often than usual. You can try to remove the gas by gently rubbing his belly and moving his feet like pedaling. If you are breastfeeding, try to breastfeed instead of a single breast. Because the milk that comes first is more dense in terms of lactose than the milk coming from behind. If you are bottle-feeding, use the teats (nozzles) that give the liquid little by little to allow less air to swallow while drinking. If it doesn't work, show your gland to your doctor and ask if you need to switch to a hypoallergenic or soy-based formula. Do not be afraid if he vomits occasionally, but if the symptoms become recurrent or your baby appears to be in pain, consult your doctor. Perhaps you should keep it upright after eating, dilute milk with rice flour, or give an acid-reducing drug if you have gastrosophageal reflux disease.External physical discomfortA hair or thread entangled in the finger may interfere with blood circulation, causing pain and even swelling of the finger. Permanent tissue damage may occur in this case, which is more common than previously thought. Other possibilities are irritation of the skin of the garment label or zip, disturbing the seat belt or straps of the stroller. Remove the tops and check the fingers and toes. If you find hair, try to remove it by dissolving it, cutting it with a small scissor or using a small amount of depilatory cream. If your baby is a man, remember that hair or threads can also get entangled in the penis. Also check the zippers and ties that may be too tight.The pain of separationWhen the baby is 6-9 months old, it understands that you are a separate entity. That's a good thing. But he can still cry behind you as soon as you leave the room, because he misses you. This is in a way good, in a way bad. Throw the laundry into the machine and so on. If you find enough short-term breaks shake it, quit your job and show love. Don't be afraid, he'il get over this separation anxiety when he's about 15 months old.The hunger crisisJust because he ate an hour ago, you don't know if it's right to eat again. If the crying is also joined forward, tears mean, "Waiter, let me have another meal!" These moves are typical of the second, third and sixth weeks and the third and sixth months and end in two days. Of course, babies do not have the habit of looking at the calendar can be seen at any time. The best way to find out if your baby is really hungry is to put him in his car or mother's arms and go for a walk. If he calms down or falls asleep immediately, he is not hungry. But if you continue to scream around the building, you should stretch your breast or bottle. Experts, milk-sucking baby is not possible to over-feed, it should not be feared, he said.BoredomSpending an hour on the same chair in the same corner of the same room is boring for the baby. Although some babies can endure staying in the same place longer than others, they all end up bored and wanting a change of landscape. Encourage the love of discovery that exists within your baby by walking from room to room, taking it to the park, running around with some chores. And when you don't have time to walk around, just talk, interact; boredom is one to one.

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