Auditory perception in children

Auditory perception in children

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Is your child able to perceive and apply verbal commands you give? Auditory perception is a field of development that has a very important role in children's learning after visual perception. Auditory perception monitoring should be performed in children at an early age and children should be strengthened with activities to support this situation before they start their compulsory education.

So how do you follow the auditory perception? Here are the stages of auditory perception that most children follow until the age of 4 yardımıyla With the help of this list, you can monitor your child's auditory ability and get help from an expert if you encounter any problems.

Age 0.5

1.hears a loud sound
2.reacts to sound while sleeping
3.hears a quiet voice and listens calmly
4.looks at the person speaking, song listens
6.looks for sound by turning his head

Age 1

7.listens to music and songs
8.listens to footsteps
9.turns his head when someone speaks quietly
10.he reacts when he gets red
11.directs his head to the sound
12.know the meaning of a word

Age 1.5

13.looks at what is wanted
14.“Raw raw” makes the mouth movement
15.Uyar Come to me uyar warning
16.Please makes the movement on request
17.Understand the aç open your mouth ”warning
18.reacts when you hear your name

Age 2

19.shows 2 people to be shown
20.shows 4 objects to be displayed
21.indicates the desired body part
22.… Do you want to? Understands the question
23.understands sounds like lame and lullaby sounds
24.Understands the sound of “atta”

Age 2.5

25.Knows the meaning of 20 words.
26.indicates 8 objects
27.shows 4 people to be shown
28.Knows the meaning of the word “see you”
29.Understands the warning ver give me another one ”
30.Understand the warning yaptır make your baby a lullaby ”

Age 3

31.remember 2 places described
32.brings something from the recipe
33.performs two tasks
34.shows 6 parts of the body
35.shows an action on the picture
36.distinguish double strokes, can hear

Age 3.5

37.indicates larger and smaller
38.left-right (often)
39.shows red color
40.Show the concepts of “angular” and “round”
41.listens with excitement
42.Selects vowel “a içinden from words

Age 4

43.knows his thumb and index finger
44.Ver give me 2 ir fulfills the request
45.know the concepts of up-down
46.know the words morning and evening
47.understand the words tired and hungry

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