What is the ideal age for having a baby?

What is the ideal age for having a baby?

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Many women, university, graduate, business life, career, marriage and the second plan of life put the child. Today's career woman, married in her 30s, does not even dream of a child before she is 35 years old. Only after the age of 35 can the child imagine. Dr. Hakan Özörnek, this situation is related to the age of fertility, he says. Because the fertility rate, which is based on 60 percent until the age of 30, decreases to 35 percent after the age of 35.

Dr. Hakan Özörnek says that women are born with a certain egg reserve and spend their egg reserve until menopause. From puberty to ovulation once a month, the woman spends an average of 350 to 400 eggs per month until menopause.
Not one out of every 3 women over 35 has a baby

Dr. Özörnek emphasizes that in the late 20s, the quality and number of eggs have started to decrease in women and this decline has accelerated after the age of 35. Therefore, infertility is seen in one third of women over 35 and two thirds of women over 40 years of age. Reminding that the probability of miscarriage increases with age. Özörnek says that the probability of miscarriage, which is around 10 percent in the 20s, doubles after the age of 35 and reaches 20 percent. The same possibility increases to 35 percent in the early 40s and to 50 percent over the age of 45.

In addition, it should be remembered that the cesarean rate increases with age. Women around the age of 40 need twice as much caesarean section as women in their 20s. Dr. Hakan Özörnek, women who want to have children but postpone it, before making a decision to make sure that ovarian reserves are recommended. Otherwise, the chance of having children in normal ways decreases when you say work, power, career.

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