Baby Car Seat and Its Importance

Baby Car Seat and Its Importance

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In the framework of compliance with European Union law 1. Traffic Regulation entered into force in June 2010 with European countries as well as in the car seat use mandatory in the case it was brought to Turkey. According to the regulation, it is mandatory to have a car seat for children who are less than 1.35 meters tall and weigh less than 36 kilograms.

According to research, child deaths in traffic accidents are around 3% in countries that require the use of a baby car seat, while in other countries this rate can reach up to 46%. Even these results show that parents should not see this as a necessity but should make the use of car seats a habit for their children's safety and future.

Safety in the car seats should be considered first. Therefore, parents who want to get the best car seat for their children should choose isofix car seat. Isofix is ​​not a brand or product type, it is a feature that allows more secure connection. Isofix car seat, baby with belt
It is fastened to the fixed part of the vehicle without requiring the use of a seat belt as in the car seats. Thus, the connection between the baby car seat and the vehicle is strengthened and the problem of loose connection is eliminated. The installation of the isofix car seat in the vehicle is also very simple and practical; however, in order to use these type of car seats, the vehicle must also be manufactured according to the isofix standard. If the vehicle is not manufactured in accordance with isofix standard; Although the car seat isofix feature, this feature can not be used.

Styrofoam is used in the back of ideal child car seats in order to reduce the severity of shocks occurring in the event of an accident. Ordinary child car seats have sponge instead of styrofoam. Since the sponge cannot protect the child's head, impact at the time of the accident becomes more severe.

Considering that 20% of traffic accidents are from the side, side protection systems are also important in baby car seats. When the child rests on the back in the car seat; the guards should cover three-quarters of the face so that only the nose of the child is visible when viewed from the side.

Another important issue in car seat selection is the weight of the child. For this reason, the car seat
appropriate features should be considered.

In addition, there are different car seat accessories available to keep children comfortable. Accessories such as car seat cover models, mosquito nets, neck protectors, support cushions; it allows the child to be safer and more comfortable throughout the journey.

While baby car seat prices vary according to the features it carries, parents can easily choose the cheapest car seat according to their budget and needs from the dozens of varieties included in E-.

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