5 Ways to Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency

5 Ways to Prevent Vitamin D Deficiency

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Research shows that low levels of vitamin D not only increase the risk of bone resorption by 300 percent, but also cause unexplained bone pain. According to research, 80 percent of those suffering from back pain vitamin D deficiency is observed.
Stating that various studies have been conducted in the world for the development of cancer due to vitamin D deficiency Assoc. Dr. View Antony's Full Profile”Scientific studies reveal that vitamin D deficiency increases the risk of cancer. Even vitamin D deficiency can also adversely affect the treatment of people with cancer. For this reason, it should not be neglected to go to the sun for the recommended time when the sun's rays do not come upright. ”

Assoc. Dr. Antony Akgul Akpinar,In the summer months, we are able to meet 95 percent of our vitamin D needs from the sun. Vitamin D deficiency occurs in the autumn and winter months as the frequency of leaving home decreases. Recent research shows that vitamin D deficiency does not only affect bones, Calcium and phosphorus in the blood triggers bone resorption in the absence of vitamin D that prevents bone resorption by keeping it within normal limits. Allergic diseases, cancer, metabolism-related disorders and heart diseases are related to vitamin D deficiency”He said.

Children need more vitamin D than adults. If vitamin D, which strengthens bones and teeth, is not taken enough in childhood, this deficiency is aş rickets. Aşdisease.

5 things to do to avoid vitamin D deficiency;
1.Storing vitamin D as much as possible in the summer,
2.To ensure that the rays that synthesize vitamin D in the skin come into direct contact with the skin during the steepest hours,
3.Since the sun, through the skin, prevents window, car glass and clothing, every day between 11:00 and 15:00, 20 to 25 minutes outside the cream-free face and hands to see the sun,
4.Consuming oily fish such as salmon, sardine, mackerel, ringo, bluefish, tuna, rich in vitamin D,
5.Taking Vitamin D Supplements

Especially those who should take vitamin D supplements
· Little children
· Allergic children and adults
· Children and adults with asthma
· People with sustained bone pain
· People who do not see the sun, live and work indoors
· People who suffer from fat absorption in the intestines
· People with liver disease
· People with kidney disease
· People with bone resorption
· People over 50
· Pregnant women and nursing mothers

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