Organic means HiPP!

Organic means HiPP!

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Milk Formulas
Infants who cannot or will not receive any breast milk need an elaborate formula, modeled on breast milk, under the supervision of health professionals. Therefore, the content of the formula is clearly defined by law. It is important to use the most natural products possible for HiPP, and organic cow milk, a source of high-quality protein and calcium, under strict control, is used as the basic product for the organic milk formula.

Additional Food
Babies should be fed with spoon food as early as the end of the 4th month and at the latest after the 6th month. In this period, babies are now in an active learning process and react with curiosity to new experiences.

Vegetable, fruit, iron and protein-rich, chewable meat meals are healthy, natural and balanced supplements to meet the increasing activity and energy needs of this period. In the process of starting food, it provides a great contribution to the nutrition of babies in this period with supplementary foods of organic quality.

1-3 Years Nutrition
1-3 years is an important period in the development of children's concentration, coordination and motor skills. During this period, cognitive and physical abilities develop rapidly. Considering the sensitivity of children in this period, it is necessary to apply a diet in that direction.
Whole-grain foods, vegetables and fruits, brown rice, pasta, potatoes, milk, some meat and fish and valuable fats are very important in encouraging and developing children's balanced, appropriate and healthy eating habits from the age of 1. This is why the HIPP, as one of the active explorers of the world, focuses mainly on the nutrition of young children. In addition to the 0-1 age group, children in the 1-3 age group quality and organic 1-3-year-old vegetables and fruits produced in accordance with the nutrition, is aware of the importance of supporting the immune system. Therefore, it supports the nutrition of young children in this age group and gaining the habit of eating on their own with its organic products suitable for after 1 year old age, as well as supporting their healthy development with products of organic quality. is

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