Feed your baby by entertaining

Feed your baby by entertaining

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Give him a snack!* The main way to prevent feeding struggles is to teach the child to eat as early as possible. When the child is six to eight months old, give him something he can eat. He should start using spoons from the age of 12 months and be able to eat his own food around 18 months.Small portions* Serve the meals in smaller portions than the amount you think your child can eat. Offering more food than you can eat can reduce the child's appetite. If you serve it as a small portion on a large plate, you are more likely to finish your meal and experience a sense of accomplishment.You don't feed!* The parents of the children who have no appetite take the spoon, fill it with food, smile and try to eat it quickly by trying various methods. If your child is mature enough to use a spoon on his own, never eat his food. Forced feeding is the most important cause of power struggles during meals.Colorful spoons* Normal spoons can be too wide for a child to start gaining their own eating habits. Therefore, the use of cutlery and spoons specially produced for babies accelerates the eating habits of babies. But your child will probably be surprised at the beginning, not knowing what to do. He may seem confused, sniff his nose, muzzle his mouth in his mouth, or reject it altogether. This response is not difficult to understand. If you consider the difference between what they used to eat and what they eat now, you will understand it better. Talking to him throughout the diet, ım Hmm, look how good it is, how good it is for my daughter. Y

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