Watch out for hot weather!

Watch out for hot weather!

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In July, temperatures started to rise. Although hot weather has positive effects on human psychological state, it is known that it causes some negative results in biological condition. Experts say this is normal, but some problems may occur if not taken care of.

We know that hot weather has intense effects, even on adults, and it is not difficult to predict how children can be affected as a result. Because children lose water faster, they can be affected more quickly than adults by hot weather. Therefore, it is very important to protect children in hot weather.

To protect your children from the negative effects of hot weather, we have a few suggestions for you. Here are our examples en

What can you do?

• Make sure that children wear comfortable, wide, light and light colored clothing.

• Make sure your child is wearing a hat or a bandana so that your child's head is protected from direct sunlight.

• Pay attention to increasing fluid consumption of children. Make sure that their bodies are not dehydrated by giving them frequent liquid drinks. (Help children consume fluid at 20-minute intervals.)

• Set the times for outdoor games before 10.00 and after 15.00.

• Make sure your child plays in shadows.

• Do not allow children to move from very hot to very cold (and vice versa).

• Make sure that children are well adjusted if their vehicles, such as air conditioning or fans, are operated too much. Air conditioners set at very low temperatures can cause the child to become cold and sick, instead of protecting them from the effects of hot weather.

• When going out, be sure to use sunscreen for children on your child's skin. Their skin is very sensitive and may cause sunburn.

• Prevent children from eating very cold food or drinking beverages in hot weather. A very cold ice cream, a glass of cold drinking water…

• Have your children shower frequently. Thus, you can avoid diaper rash and various redness that may cause sweating.

• If sweating occurs frequently in the nape of your children, you can have their hair cut.

• If you are in a holiday zone, your child will want to swim in the pool or the sea. Swimming outside the hours when the sun's rays will prevent your child from suffocating in hot weather. However, one of the most important issues you need to pay attention to is whether the place is clean. For the seas, this problem is quite important for pools, while cleaning is generally not an issue. Make sure that the pool your child enters is clean, do not let your child swim in the pools you are not sure of.

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