When should I cut my baby from the bottle?

When should I cut my baby from the bottle?

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When should I cut my baby from the bottle? Sooner or later one day your baby will be ready for a graduation of his own, nothing will happen from a bottle to a baby glass! When that very special moment comes, he will go to your baby's cot and proudly lift it up and say, in Your baby bottle days are over, baby! Come on, let's celebrate ”… Maybe your child will feel a bit upset, but he will probably grab the baby glass, start drinking and never look back!

Experts agree that weaning your baby will not be as traumatic as families fear when you resort to comforting your baby, such as swaddling, pacifier or bottle feeding. Although a few days of trouble, babies can usually easily move from one situation to another and adapt. How Does? In this article ıda.

Since a bottle requires some effort, most families continue to feed their babies for long periods of time, but this will cause them to consume too much milk for a long time. This is not the only problem, as babies are not too keen to try a variety of solid foods, but they also get more calories than liquids. Another problem relates to teeth: When children are bottle-fed, it can flow around the milk teeth, inviting tooth decay, which can cause significant problems.

At the age of 12 to 15 months, infants are able to take liquids from the cup and live completely without bottles, so this is the best time to drop the bottle. If you leave it after 18 months, sucking from the bottle becomes a habit for your child and is more difficult to quit.

How to do? Between 6 and 9 months of age, introduce your baby to the baby glass, but make sure that it contains milk, not water or fruit juice. Otherwise, your child may have the idea of ​​associating the milk with the bottle, that is, the milk is only drunk from the bottle, water and juices are drunk from the glass.

When she is 12 months old and able to use cups, she will calmly take your child with you and,You're big now, so you should use a glass instead of a bottle,Biber you can cut the bottle completely at once. If you prefer to let go slowly, you can change one meal at a time, starting with the bottle meal before bedtime. One year old children do not need to be fed before bedtime.

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