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How to Prepare for Kindergarten?

How to Prepare for Kindergarten?

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You have decided to send your child to kindergarten and you have decided which school is best for him. But is your child ready to go to school? If your child is ready to go to school, you can easily recognize the tips. For example, does your child often show a desire to play with other children, or does he have problems leaving you? Your “yes ara answer to these questions is a big sign of your desire to go to school.

Another important issue is whether you are ready for this change. If you experience various negative emotions (anxiety, fear, guilt ken) when sending your child to school, please confront them and try to beat them. Before you can support your child, you must believe what you are doing and think that your decision is the right one.

The child may be mentally ready to go to school, but may not be emotionally ready yet, so he needs your support. What can you do to prepare him for school? The answer is in this article…

What can I do before I start school?

• Show your child the school he is going to and if possible, visit the school with him several times.
• Have friends going to school to talk to them about the school and play games. With the help of these games, your child learns to share the most important rules of the school.
• Read books about her kindergarten.
• Play games related to kindergarten at home and try to give your child an idea of ​​what to do at school.
• Talk to your child about how good things will be at school.
• If the school has a library (book corner), you can borrow books to read here or buy flowers and animals to look for during the holidays.
• Organize play days. On these play days, take him to the school to participate in the play of the other children.
• Play games with him at home, teach him to share, queue, and help with these games.
• Play “Name game. .Because there will be cabinets, shelves and hangers for your child at school, you can write your child's name on it. Write your name in magnetic letters üstüne
• See if it can meet its basic needs (go to the toilet, eat, brush teeth tek). If you have difficulty doing these exercises, do exercises.
• Give your child some instructions and follow if they follow them. If so, make sure that they can easily follow the instructions given by the teacher at the school.

What should I do in the first days?

• Try not to go to school very early on the first day of the school.
• If your child has started to cry at school, do not force him too much and bring him home.
• He can bring a beloved item (teddy bear, a picture of one of his family, his favorite blanket…) to school so that he does not feel lonely.
• Stay with him for a while on the day he tries to get used to the school, but tell him it won't take long. Tell him how long this will continue.
• Do not leave your child alone until you have promised, even if your child is able to adapt to the school in less time than you set.
• Remember to say “goodbye ken when leaving.
• Go to the school early in the early days and pick it up from school without giving you the opportunity to call. So you create a sense of trust in your child.
• Talk to him about what he has done at school and tell him how beautiful he is doing.

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