When to Leave the Baby and Start Work?

When to Leave the Baby and Start Work?

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Many studies have shown that for a healthy development of children, both physically and psychologically, from the birth, a constant caring relationship with a constant caregiver (mother, father, carer, grandmother, grandfather) is essential. Developmental Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Center, answers the most common questions about the mother's starting time.

Today, many children are deprived of a caring experience of continuity due to the necessity of returning to work, lack of a reliable caregiver, and inadequate care in nurseries and become developmentally disadvantaged. Psychologist Sinem Olcay, Development Specialist from Istanbul Parenting Center, says: çoğu Most mothers who are aware of this situation are overwhelmed when deciding to return to work and often experience intense guilt. Those mothers who want to know what is best for their babies have questions like, ne When is the right time to leave my baby and start work? ”, Hang What is the right age to start daycare?” In fact, unfortunately, there is not a single, clear rule that will determine your decisions about regulating childcare and returning to work. Each family lives in its own unique circumstances and the best solution varies from family to family. ”

From a developmental point of view, in a world with perfect conditions, during the first years of life, the mother and / or father should be at home and spend most of the day with their babies. But real life conditions, social and economic pressures, and the role of women in business conflict with this ideal. Developmental Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting CenterTrying to find the balance between what is best for your baby, yourself and your family has become a job in itself. Erek erek What is best for you and what is best for your baby depends on each other. How you feel about your situation and how you deal with stress your baby is very important for your relationship. If being at home and not coming back to work gives you great frustration or unhappiness, you may not be able to interact properly with your child at home. If returning to work and sharing your baby's care with someone else gives you a great sense of loss, it will affect your relationship with your baby. The most important thing is that you will be comfortable with your choice. It doesn't help anyone if you put something wrong in you. ”

Maternity It is important to know that it is a big job, it is not easy to reduce it to a certain time interval or to compress it between business hours. Developmental Psychologist Sinem Olcay from Istanbul Parenting Center continues: Research and observations show that being moderate and moderate in the role of motherhood is key. It has been proven that the work tempo exceeding 40 hours per week is too much for both the mother and the baby. On the other hand, mothers who completely attach themselves to their child and never spend time away from the child seem to be overwhelmed at the end. Flexibility for part-time jobs or working hours seems to be the least guilty and most satisfying option. Unfortunately, most jobs cannot be done part-time, and sometimes the family's financial situation requires both parents to work full-time. If there is an opportunity for one of the parents to reduce work hours, I strongly recommend that you take this opportunity in the first years of life.

Many mothers want to believe that there is only one option to guarantee the perfect child-rearing. He imagines a child who is confident, without separation problems or insecurities. Unfortunately, there is no formula to ensure the continuous well-being of a child. Even if we want to believe that there may be simple answers such as “If the mother is happy, the child will be happy” or “Everything will be perfect for my child if I am at home for the first 3 years iz. parents All children, regardless of their preference for work, are forced and struggled at certain times in their lives. Mother and child It is necessary to know that the special bond between them continues to develop under very different conditions and despite many storms. Working mothers mothers who are at home can maintain a healthy, caring and strong relationship with their children. Never underestimate the capacity to love your baby and yourself.

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