Precautions for children in summer

Precautions for children in summer

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In summer, especially young children are waiting for more danger. So you need to be careful at any moment. General Health Pediatrics Specialist from Anadolu Medical Health Center Ela Tahmaz, He shares with parents what needs to be done to protect children from the dangers of summer.

Ways to protect your child from the sun

Babies under 6 months;
• To protect your baby from direct sunlight, put your baby's legs in his or her thin clothes and hat.
• However, if there are no shades and protective clothing, apply a small amount of sunscreen to the exposed face and hands.

Children from 6 months to 6 years;
• At least 30 minutes before your child goes out, apply the sunscreen to the exposed areas and be sure to use it even in cloudy and closed weather.
• Use products intended for children with a protection factor of at least 15.

For your child over 7 years old;
• The most important and safe method of sun protection is to cover the areas open to the sun. Make them wear a helmet with a shade of at least 7-8cm and sunglasses with 99-100% UV protection, and wear cotton clothing that covers as many zones as possible.
• Keep them in the shade as long as possible and not expose them directly to the sun between 10 and 4 in the morning when the sun is most intense.
• Use plenty of sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 30
• Replace the sunscreen every 2 hours. Refresh after swimming and sweating.

To avoid heat stroke çarp

• On a warm climate or vacation, make sure your child doesn't get too tired in the first days to get used to the heat and climate, and allow him to do lighter and shorter exercises until he gets used to the climate.
• Make sure fluid intake is good before long-term activities. During the activity, make sure that children weighing around 30-40 kg have 150-200cc in 20 minutes and twice as much cold water or liquid intake as 50-60 kg. Even if your child does not feel thirsty, let him drink this amount.
• Be sure to wear light cotton one-coat clothing and replace sweaty ones with dry ones immediately

Do not skip these points in the pool

• Do not leave your child alone or in the pool for a second.
• Always ensure that you are within reach of your hand.
• If there is a pool in your garden, surround it with the child's neck
• Have a telephone and rescue equipment near the pool
• Beware of inflatable pool toys, they can be wrapped for survival purposes but they are not as effective as a life preserver.

To protect from insects and flies…

• Do not apply scented soap, spray or perfume to your child,
• Keep your child away from gardens where there are still flies and insects to nest and plenty of blooming flowers, or places that are not covered.
• Avoid dresses with very bright colors and large floral patterns because they may attract insects and bees.
• To protect children from flies and insects, fly repellents containing DEET and placed in open areas of the body are the most effective. Recommended for children are fly repellents with a DEET concentration of 30%. However, it should not be used in infants under 2 months.
• The content of fly repellents varies from product to product. So be sure to see what the product contains. Do not use products that you do not know what is included.

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