Nutrition of working mother candidates

Nutrition of working mother candidates

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Working expectant mothers should strive hard to ensure adequate and balanced nutrition. The aim is not only to ensure the normal growth and development of the baby, but also to protect their health.
If the expectant mother does not get enough nutrition, she gets insufficient food groups;
-Tooth decay
-Softening, deformation of bones
excessive water accumulation in the body due to insufficient protein intake. There are also low birth weight and preterm babies. It can also be seen that babies do not complete brain development.
If the mother is overfed;
It causes birth problems. Caesarean section, obligation to give birth or delayed date of birth.
Old people say you should feed two people Not as quantity but increased need for nutrients is true in the sense.

For example;
Protein needs 45-50g / day, 60-70g / day in pregnancy, calcium 800mg / day, 1200mg / day in pregnancy, iron 15mg / day, 30mg in pregnancy, vitamin C, 60mg / day increases in pregnancy, such as 70 mg / day.

Mother in pregnancy
- Energy
- Protein
- Vitamin
- Mineral requirement increases.
Working mothers do not find time to eat a very balanced diet, sometimes only empty energy source in the content of fat, sugar, salt, foods are high in proportion. However, energy increases only 300kcal with pregnancy.

Biscuits, confectionery, chocolate, ready-made fruit juices are easily accessible but not balanced in terms of nutrients. Protein, vitamins, minerals need to be fed more balanced.

4 Basic Food Groups
1- It is rich in meat, eggs, legumes, protein, iron, zinc and vitamin. During pregnancy, 3 portions should be used every day.
2- Milk, yogurt, cheese It is rich in calcium. 3 servings should be used every day.
3- Bread, rice, bulgur, pasta ie cereal group Basic energy source. Use 4-6 slices of bread and 1 portion of rice or bulgur or pasta every day.
4- Fresh vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. 5 servings are used every day.

Working mother candidates

At breakfast
Eggs from group 1
Cheese from the 2nd group
Bread from the 3rd group
4. choose fruit or greens or juice or tomatoes from the group.
If he has breakfast in the workplace, they can be a donut, cheese sandwich or cheese toast instead of opening. There should be 1 fruit or greens in the sandwich.

At lunch
1. a group of meat or chicken or fish or legumes
2. yogurt or buttermilk or tzatziki or milky dessert from the group
3. rice or pasta or bulgur or potato or bread from the group
4. Vegetables or salads can be selected from the group. For example, if there is no 2nd group, drink milk at night.

At dinner
Meat and chicken vegetables from group 1 and group 4
Yogurt from group 2
3. Select bread from the group.
The working mothers were replaced by biscuits, sweets, chocolates and cakes; dairy, buttermilk, dried fruit, fresh fruit, cheese sandwich, toast, fresh fruit juice should make choices such as.

Attention please

* It should not be drunk with meals as it causes anemia. Tea should be used 1-2 hours after the meal is eaten and added with lemon. Herbal teas such as linden, mint, chamomile and rosehip should be preferred as beverages.
* Other prepared foods containing additives such as salami, sausage, sausage should not be eaten as much as possible.
* Vitamin D is provided by direct reflection of the sun's rays to the skin. Working mothers should go out during lunch breaks and try short walks.
* Fresh fruit juices, buttermilk, lemonade should be preferred instead of ready fruit juices, soda and cola drinks.
* Molasses is a blood maker. Molasses can be used instead of sugar.
* Smoking and alcohol should not be used.
* Vegetables and fruits should be washed thoroughly.

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