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Communication starts with touch

Communication starts with touch

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Touching is an important place in life not just for babies but for everyone. We want to touch our loved ones because touching is the first step of communication. Research on ”touch da also strengthens this thesis. Psychologist Işın Akı from Diagnosis Education Consultancy shares interesting information about touch research.

Touch is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to reach health and stay healthy. Everybody's doing it naturally. So what effects does touching have on babies and adults? Psychologist Işın Akı lists the striking results of the research as follows:

• In a study conducted at Horward Medical School, patients who were prepared to undergo similar operations were divided into two groups. An anesthesiologist and psychologist informed a group about the surgery at night, stroking their backs and communicating. He approached the other group without sensual communication. The children who were sensually communicated were discharged earlier and with less medication. It turned out that children deprived of touch were more difficult to sleep and more susceptible to infections.
• Psychologist in a US study. Dr. T. Field found that children were gaining weight by touching and massaging to ensure that premature babies grow, and that they sleep better. These babies had better communication with their families in the following years, with fast focus and quick learning.
• Touch communication alleviates depression and reduces stress hormone.
• Oxytacin in the body during touching activates relaxation hormone. Sensual communication, relief of embrace fears and pain relief.
• Babies, whose parents died in Germany during World War I, gathered in the nursery to be taken care of. Despite regular care and nutrition, they were observed to die. Only one baby was found to survive. He was taking care of her every night. The need to be touched, albeit partially met, has won the baby survival battle.
• Touch also helps us develop better feelings about ourselves and our environment. Touching has extremely important effects on language development, intelligence level and development of emotional intelligence in children. Physiological changes were observed in human by touch.

The Best Way to Touch: Massage

Baby massage is a good example that shows the importance of 'touch' and 'communication' in this period. The baby massage provides the mother with the opportunity to observe herself and her baby both in her relationship with her baby. Baby massage has an important role for the mother and the baby to meet each other and start and develop the relationship. Therefore, baby massage should not be considered as a therapy with physical benefits alone. When the mother makes eye contact with her baby, touching her baby's toes; In doing so, a soft voice to tell the baby what he is doing, along with the name of the body touched the area, the baby will relax 'relax', 'relax' to say words such as' baby relaxes not only physically, but also mentally relaxes. Thus, a close relationship between mother and baby is started.

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