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Birth videos and your baby's first film!

Birth videos and your baby's first film!

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Would you like to endless this unique day when your baby comes into your arms from the womb as an artistic film? If yes Jinevizyo's'flour founder View Pinar's Full Profile it makes your dream come true.

: First of all, who is Pınar Çamlıbel? Can we get to know you?
Pinar Camlibel: Washington DC and visual media license I continued in New York and digital arts graduate after completing in 2001, exhibitions in America and Turkey, video clips, after the artistic activity participated as animation and independent films, Yeditepe University, in Visual Communication Department I worked as a lecturer for 2 years. In 2005, Turkey "Birth Clip" and "Birth of the movie" create concepts, all the candidates to Turkey within the mother and father, who prepared the birth of the first organizations in the industry I founded Jinevizyon movies.

: What is JineVizyon birth film, how is it prepared?
Pinar Camlibel: The birth film is the story of the adventure starting from the story in the womb with the ultrasounds, the time until the mother and her family enter the hospital for the delivery of their babies, with interviews with family members and waving to the camera with their babies in the lap of the last frame. The story proceeds before, during and after birth. The firsts of the baby are frozen with writings and written with poetic texts, the story is decorated with effective elements such as cinematic music, slow motion and frozen frames. It is delivered in DVD format to family members as a rhythmic, aesthetic and emotional story with birth adventure, introduction, development and outcome. The film is delivered to the family within 1 week - 10 days with a special DVD cover and menu. Since these films are archived, it is enough to call JineVizyon after 10 years and ask for a copy.

: What images are taken during delivery?
Pinar Camlibel: The baby's exit from the mother's womb, the hour of his first breath, the abandonment of the umbilical cord, the first sounds, the first time he opened his eyes, the first eye to the eye with his mother after birth, “first contact”, “first kiss”. “Themes such as the first lap are processed, images are taken to suit these themes. After the birth, the baby's first bathing in the baby care unit, the first clothes to wear, measuring the height, weight, such as weighing the first preparation of life is documented. If the birth happens at Jinemed Hospital, we can get the father into the baby care room, where the baby's first contact with the father, his first lap, and the father's unique reactions are displayed. What happens in the care room is fictionalized in a story format. These first moments are usually designed as slow shots because the expressions and emotions of the first moments are only realistically assimilated. Prepared birth film, whether cesarean or normal birth, is able to share with everyone, you will feel uncomfortable, does not contain any images to be taken. After watching the sample birth film, if there are any images that you may be uncomfortable with, you can simply tell us about it in our ten interviews.

: How did you think of making a birth film?
Pinar Camlibel: A person's coming to the world is a miracle, the most special day of our lives is undoubtedly the day we were born, or the day our baby was born. Making such a day professionally filmed and assembled with poetic texts expressing the firsts, effective elements such as slow motion and cinematic music will be the best gift for the family and the baby in the future, the most precious moment you can share with your friends and the greatest legacy you can pass from generation to generation. .

: What is the biggest difference between amateur images?
Pinar Camlibel: The film JineVizyon is a documentary film that is well beyond the raw footage, with interviews, informational texts such as height and weight, story development as a result and introduction, and adorned with visual effects, poetic anecdotes and music. In addition, I think that a family member should not only focus on the camera but enjoy every moment.

: What are the benefits of this practice for parents and other family members?
Pinar Camlibel: The day you meet your baby, whether from the excitement of birth or from the effects of narcosis, you are experiencing an astonishment and excitement, and your baby's first eyes are not fully assimilated in the broadest time. Stuck in the first day, these moments are experienced again and again, thanks to elements such as the slow motion used in our films and the frozen frames of the firsts decorated with texts. The mother, unfortunately, cannot witness these first and very special moments in which the baby in the baby care room contacts the outside life. The mother watches these moments later in the birth film and cries out and offers her excitement and thanks for calling me JineVizyon.

B>: Have you ever had an interesting moment?
Pinar Camlibel: I did not encounter an interesting situation at birth, but recently I gave a birth film to Gora's director Ömer Faruk Sorak. During the film, I had the parents make some mise-en-scene. It was like directing a director who made a name, this is my most interesting moment for now 🙂

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