How many times can IVF be tried?

How many times can IVF be tried?

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The desire of every woman to be a mother… Some women have to turn to IVF treatment to achieve this desire. We read in the press; sometimes there are women who can hold their baby in the 11th, 12th trial. How many times can IVF treatment be tried? Professor Dr. Bülent Tıraş answers the question as follows: kesin There is no precise information as to how many IVF trials should be performed. Although pregnancy rates do not change in the first three attempts, success decreases after the fourth attempt. The number of trials is related to the age of the expectant mother and the material and moral conditions of the couple. The stage at which in vitro fertilization is problematic should be taken into account how many embryos (fertilized eggs) are transferred. If each stage of treatment is healthy and the embryos are not placed in the mother's uterus and the prospective mother is under 35 years of age, success can be achieved in the next attempt. Each embryo transferred increases the success rate by an average of 20%. In our country, the number of embryo transfer is limited by law. ”

So why are there limitations? Professor Shaving responds: sınır The reason for this limitation is the increase in the number of multiple pregnancies as well as the rate of preterm birth. Laws currently allow for transfer of up to 2 embryos. Only one embryo can be transferred to candidates under 35 years of age in first and second IVF trials. In the third and subsequent trials, up to two embryos can be transferred. It is essential that multiple embryos are not transferred. A maximum of 2 embryos can be transferred in all IVF trials for candidates 35 years or older. ”

What is the number of trials limited?

Professor DR. Bülent Tıraş, “As mentioned above, the limitations in the number of trials of IVF treatment are related to the material and spiritual strength of the couple. Each IVF trial brings psychological burden to the couple. In addition, unsuccessful attempts will lead to an exhaustion of hope. Failure after each trial brings both intense stress and frustration. ”

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