Ways to give your child the right sleep education

Ways to give your child the right sleep education

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Even though it is a little more difficult for younger children, each child can learn to calm himself and fall asleep. There are many different ways to put your child to sleep alone. Choose the method that best suits your lifestyle and your child's mood.Strict discipline strategy: Put your child to bed and leave the room. Block your ears as much as you can in case of possible protests. If he comes out of his room and comes to you, escort him to his room and simply say, "You need to stay in bed." Experts room can not pass the door of a security door can not escape escape, he says. Although this method is a bit harsh for both children and parents, experts say that this method is usually a good and fast solution.Progressive method: Put your child to bed, but explain to him that you'll come back to his room after five minutes to check on him and keep your promise. Then go back to check on him, but wait a bit more to go to the room each time. Your child will eventually fall asleep tired of waiting for you and will gradually gain the habit of falling asleep on his own. This method is preferred by many parents.Soft approach: Put your child to bed and stay in the room, but do not go to bed with her and do not interact. For example, sit on a chair in the room the first night. Every night, pull your chair away from your bed. It is good that your child should have learned to sleep alone when you start sitting near the door.How many hours should children sleep?Since each child is different, each child's sleep needs differ. However, we can still talk about how many hours a child should sleep in one day, including noon sleep:0-12 months: 14-15 hours2-3 years: 12-14 hours4-5 years: 11-13 hours6-8 years: 10-11 hours

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